#19: Turning.

Reconstruction Description
FA-LIU Turn round
FILI.2 Turn over, roll over
FIRO.3 Whirl, swirl; writhe
FULI.1 Turn (round or over)
KO-SUKI Twist, turn : *ko(o)suki
KOKO.2 Whirl, swirl
LIU.2 Turn round
MA-FULI Upset, capsized
MA-LIU Change direction, turn
MILO.2A Twist (by hand), as in twining thread, wringing out
MIO.1A Turn, twist: *mio(-qi)
PALE.3B To turn, lean to one side
POO-TAKA To revolve, go around; revolving or spinning object; round
TA-FULI Turn, overturn, capsize, turn round (intr.)
TAA-WILI Rotate, spin, whirl
TAKA-FULI Turn over v.i
TAKA-MILO Go round and round
TAKA-WIRI Turn, twist
TAKA.1A Revolve, to roll, to go roundabout, wander
TEKA.1 Roll, rotate, spin
TIKE.2 Turn, rotate

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