Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
AFAGA Public space near sea; foreshore common ground kept clear as landing-place etc
AFE.1A Deviate, turn aside
AFE.1B Stir, as a light body in the wind
AFE.2 Thousand
AFI Fire
AFIAFI Evening, late afternoon
AFO Cord, especially fishing line
AFU-AFU Drizzle; light rain
AFU.1 Offspring
AFU.2 Shoot or sucker
AFU.3 Resemble, be similar to (Rby)
AGA Habit, custom, way of acting
AGE Particle of direction away from speaker and hearer; also used to express comparison
AGI.1 Blow (of wind, breeze)
AGI.2 Unencumbered, unhampered
CK AGI.3 A plant (Coprosma sp.)
AGO.1 A plant, turmeric (Curcuma longa)
AGO.2 Make lines; set limits on, delimit, demarcate
AHO Breath
AI-TAGA Descendants, progeny
AI.1 Postposed verbal particle, oblique case anaphor
AI.2 Exist, be there > have *(i-)ai
AISE Debris cast up by sea or river; jetsam: *a(a)i(f, s)(e,a)
AKA-TASA Herb sp. (Rorippa sarmentosa): *aka-tas(a,i)
AKA.A Root n
RO AKA.B Creeper sp., kudzu (Pueraria lobata)
AKE.A Tree sp: *ake(ake)
AKE.B Banana variety
AKI Beat, pound
AKIAKI A tern (probably White Tern, Gygis alba)
AKILI Remove from a container, take out of: *(q)akili
AKO Learn, teach
AKO-NAKI Teach, instruct
AKU Scrape out with hands
AKU-AKU Thin (of person)
ALA Touch, take in hand
ALA-TI To scratch an itch
ALAALA Fish sp. (Carangidae): *(q)ala(q)ala
ALAFI To lead
ALAGA.A Limb, tool, weapon (Clk)
TO ALAGA.B Rigging and gear of a vessel
ALAKISI.* Cicada
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
ALEALE.B Concave, hollow; thin (of solid)
ALEALE.C Thin, clear, transparent (of liquid)
ALETUU Tomorrow (Rby)
ALI.1 Flatfish, flounder (Bothus spp.)
ALI.2 To scoop or hollow out (Clk): *(h,s)ali

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