Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
AFAGA Public space near sea; foreshore common ground kept clear as landing-place etc
AFE.1A Deviate, turn aside
AFE.1B Stir, as a light body in the wind
AFE.2 Thousand
AFI Fire
AFIAFI Evening, late afternoon
AFO Cord, especially fishing line
AFU-AFU Drizzle; light rain
AFU.1 Offspring
AFU.2 Shoot or sucker
AFU.3 Resemble, be similar to (Rby)
AGA.A Habit, custom, way of acting
AGA.B Ceremonial meal
AGE Particle of direction away from speaker and hearer; also used to express comparison
AGI.1 Blow (of wind, breeze)
AGI.2 Unencumbered, unhampered
CK AGI.3 A plant (Coprosma sp.)
AGO.1 A plant, turmeric (Curcuma longa)
AGO.2 Make lines; set limits on, delimit, demarcate
AHO Breath
AI-TAGA Descendants, progeny
AI.1 Postposed verbal particle, oblique case anaphor
AI.2 Exist, be there > have *(i-)ai
AISE Debris cast up by sea or river; jetsam: *a(a)i(f, s)(e,a)
AKA-TASA Herb sp. (Rorippa sarmentosa): *aka-tas(a,i)
AKA.A Root n
RO AKA.B Creeper sp., kudzu (Pueraria lobata)
AKE.A Tree sp: *ake(ake)
AKE.B Banana variety
AKI Beat, pound
AKIAKI A tern (probably White Tern, Gygis alba)
AKILI Remove from a container, take out of: *(q)akili
AKO Learn, teach
AKO-NAKI Teach, instruct
AKU Scrape out with hands
AKU-AKU Thin (of person)
ALA Touch, take in hand
ALA-MATUQA Main road
ALA-TI To scratch an itch
ALAALA Fish sp. (Carangidae): *(q)ala(q)ala
ALAFI To lead
ALAGA.A Limb, tool, weapon (Clk)
TO ALAGA.B Rigging and gear of a vessel
ALAKISI.* Cicada
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
ALEALE.B Concave, hollow; thin (of solid)
ALEALE.C Thin, clear, transparent (of liquid)
ALETUU Tomorrow (Rby)

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