Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
ENE.2 Ask for something
EQA.A Come to the surface, appear above the surface; come up for air
EQA.B Be released or delivered; be avenged
EREHI.* Coconut
ESI Chase away, pursue: *(q)esi
EVA Float (in air), fly
EWE.1 Torn, ragged, worn out
EWE.2 Fish sp. (Epinephelus hexagonatus) (Hpr)
FA-LIU Turn round
FAA-.4 Causative prefix
FAA-FAA Feel, touch, grope
FAA-INU Give to drink
FAA-ITE.A Place side by side
FAA-ITE.B To make like, compare
FAA-ITE.C To measure
TO FAA-ITE.D Sit on ground as women do, with both legs close together and extended to one side
FAA-KULE Search head for lice
FAA-QITA.* Grimace, make faces
FAA.1 Four
FAA.2 Hoarse
FAAFAA-LUA Manta ray (Manta sp.)
FAAGAI.A To feed, provide food for
FAAGAI.B Adopt, foster
FAAGOGO.A Half coconut shell
FAAGOGO.B Pour liquid from a coconut shell; feed child or invalid
FAAGOTA To obtain seafood by fishing or hunting on the reef
FAAILU.* Wipe anus
FAAITO Measure, weigh
FAALIKI Cover floor with mats or grass; floor covering
FAALOA A fish, Spotted Sea Bass (Epinephelus tauvina)
FAALOO.A Stretch (by pulling), lash: *fa(a)lo(o)
FAALOO.B Stretch (the body), extend (arm), crane, peer to see better
FAANAU.A Children, offspring
FAANAU.B Bear child, give birth; be born: *fa(a)nau
FAANUI A star name
FAAPUKU Fish sp., (Epinephelus sp.)
FAAQOA Canoe crew; kin, people
FAASUA Tridacna clam sp *(f,w)aasua
FAATAI.1 To sit in a certain way
FAATAI.2 A parasitic creeper (Cassytha filiformis)
TU FAATELE Song-dance type
FAATELO Stick out the tongue
FAATINO Drift, move slowly
FAATOO Wrestle
FAATUMA Dark, of a clouded sky

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