Protoform: TAA-PIRI [CE] Join together, stick together

Description: Join together, stick together
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to CE: Central-Eastern Polynesian

*0 << PN *pili.1 "adhere, be joined to"

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Kaapili Build, put together, put on, fit together, mend, fix, repair, join... (Pki)
Luangiua Kapili Almost (Smd)
Luangiua Kapili Close (adv) (Hbn)
Mangareva Tapiri Se joindre à quelqu'un sans raison; être à côté de quelqu'un (Rch)
Marquesas Tapiʔi (MQS), tapiti (MQN) Coller, joindre, réunir; fréquenter, être liés, être unis; aborder, accoster. Coller, cacheter; étendre de la colle sur un object; uni, réuni, ne fiare qu'un, réunir (Lch)
Marquesas Tapiʔi (te) tua S'adosser, lean against (Chf)
Marquesas Tapiʔi (mai) Accoster; come alongside, reach land. Serrer, rapprocher (des objets); bring closer, place side by side. Coller, stick (v). (Chf)
New Zealand Maori Taapiri Join, add, append, supplement (Wms)
Nukumanu Taapiri (pl. tappiri) Surrounding, nearby, close (Trt)
Penrhyn Taapiri To close; come close to; add, glue, join (not for good) (Sta)
Rapa Tapiri To glue; stage in pounding popoi; paste of taro (MCl)
Rarotongan Taapiri Bring something near to or beside, press something close to, apply a compress; stick, seal, fasten, join, patch, put together (Bse)
Tahitian Tapiri Colle; coller, joindre, serrer, se rapprocher (Lmt)
Tuamotu Taapiri Attach, fasten; stick, paste, cause to adhere; close eyes; cling close to (Stn)

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