Reconstruction Level: EP - East Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
KUHANE Ghost, soul, spirit: *ku(f,s)ane
KUIA A sea-bird
KUKU.1B Draw together, bunch things together, ruck up
KUME.1 Pull, haul
I.1 Past tense marker
I.2B Preposition, direct object marker
QII.2 Ferment, rot
MAPE.B Kidney
IKA.B Human victim, slain enemy
ITO Proud, courageous
RAQAA Day (period of time)
RAAFUI.* Prohibit
RAAKAU.1 A phase of the moon (full moon and/or third quarter); a series of nights of the lunar cycle (following the middle period).
RARA.2 Side, to be on the side, move to the side
PORO.2 Blunt or truncated end or piece; in words for elbow, heel and other body parts
RAPU Gather
REFE Wrinkled, loose (of skin)
REPE Fringe, flap esp. of body; to hang or dangle: *repe(-repe)
REPO Dirt, earth; dirty
REWA.1A Set sail, depart, get under way
REWA.1B Flag n
RIRO Be taken, become something else
RITE Alike, equal
RITO.A Fresh, green
RORO.1 Brains matter, bone marrow; spongy matter
RONA Drag, haul (as on a rope)
RUMAKI.* Inter or immerse something (Clk)
RUPE-RUPE. Flourishing, luxuriant
RUTU Hit, beat, attack
MAA.4 Go
MAHARU Night of lunar cycle
MAIKA Banana (Musa sp.): *m(a,e)ika
MAQITAKI Good, pleasant
MAKOHE Frigate Bird (Fregata sp.): *m(o,a)ko(f,s)e
MAMARI Egg, testicle: *ma(a)mari
MATA-A Obsidian or other stone that will flake with a sharp edge
MATA-POO Be blind, blindness
MATA-SIAPO Firstborn
MA-UI Ill, not well, sick
MAURE Night of lunar cycle
MAURI Twenty-ninth night of moon
MUTU.1B Thirtieth night of the lunar cycle
NAWE Delightful, pleasurable (of taste, sensation)
NINI.1 Vertigo
NIUFI.* Shark species
NO Belonging to, from, of (subordinate possessive): *no(o)
NOQI.* To ask for something, solicit
OMA.3 Sunken, emaciated

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