Reconstruction Level: EP - East Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
OPE.1 Scoop up, shovel
PAE-GA.B Edge, boundary
PA-FOA Beat bark-cloth
PAKA.1B Scab, crust
PAKU-SIWI.* Shoulder
PA-RARE Speak imperfectly: *parare(e)
PAPA.1C Layer, level, stratum; list, genealogy
PASII Large sea-going vessel: *pa(f,s)ii
PAA-TEFE Castrate
PA-TII Spurt, splash
PEKA.2 A cross, crosswise
PEKE.2B Crouch, hunch up in fetal position; fold limbs
PERA Decayed, of flesh
PIKI.1B Climb, ascend
PIIRARI Sticky substance
PIRI Riddle
PI-PIRI Name of a pair of stars, and a lunar month or season
PISA.* Box; box-shaped enclosure
POE Pearl
POIKE Top: *po(o)ike
POO-TAKA To revolve, go around; revolving or spinning object; round
POTI.2 Bug species (Clk): *(po(ti))poti
PUA.B To flower; flower, blossom: *pua(pua)
PUQA Cover, wrap
PUU-FENUA.* Afterbirth, placenta
PURAPURA Descendant
SAA.1 Breathe
SAPE.B Crooked, wrong
SEI.1B Wreath, garland
SEWA.B Mourning practices or ceremonies
SOATA.3 A night near the margin of the lunar cycle
SOPE.2 Buttocks, posteriors, rear end
SUAKI.* Open up, as a grave, an earth-oven; disinter
TAFA-GA.B Just, only
TAFUQA Platform, foundation, base
TAI-NAFI Yesterday
TAQOKETE.B Sibling-in-law of the same sex
TAPAIRU A woman of high rank
TAA-SAE Wild, savage, fierce
TAU.ŋ Reef or shoal
TEKA.2B Penis
TEKO.3 Proud, haughty
TIAKI To guard; to wait for
TIKA.B Straight, correct, true
TIREO One of the first nights of the lunar cycle
TINI.1B A large number, many
TITO Peck (Clk)
TOO.2 Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

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