Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TAA.1D Beat a rhythm; play (a musical instrument)
TUA.4 Yam variety
TUKI.B Knock, collide, strike (accidentally), stumble
TUKI.C Pounder, pestle; thing for pounding or striking
TUTUE Thin (of body); tough (of fish or meat), owing to lack of fat
TAUALA Luff, sail close to the wind
TAU-FAA Squall, rain storm; a constellation
MATA.2B A growth stage of coconuts
MOTO.2B Coconut growth stage: *moto(moto)
MATUQU.B Coconut growth stage
MATA-TILI Coconut growth stage
NAMU-AQA Stink, bad smell
FAI.2C Say, tell
FAI.3A Be, happen, exist
FAKA-POI Feint, make threatening gesture
PEE Perhaps: *(qa)pee
WALE-MOHE Drowsy, sleepy
WALE-A.A Mad, ignorant, foolish
SULU-MAKI Slip in, stick in, insert, plunge in
LOLE.1 To do something carelessly or inadequately
MA-ISI To peel off (vi); to split
MARONA To die down, to be brought down: *ma(r,l)ona
SAWALA Greedy, gluttonous, crave a particular food
MA-TOSI Striped, scratched
MAQU-KOLOA Wealthy, having many possessions
MAUKU Recede, go down, deflate
FAGATUA To wrestle
TAUTE To prepare (esp. food), fix up, take care of
TOKIA To be struck by a falling object (including rain, dew, lightning); to be "struck" by a sudden realization, taken by surprise: *to(o)kia
ULA.2 To blow
QARO-FI Inner surface, lining; concave or crescent-shaped; sit in a circle
FIITAQA.A Work hard, strive, make an effort
FOTUQA Fish sp.
LAGA.1D Raise (fig.), provoke, incite, start (a fight)
LAU-GA Public discourse, speech: *la(a)uga
MAALUU.2 Calm, gentle, mild (of weather or persons)
MAA-NOQA Tied; string, thread
TE-NI Demonstrative pronoun: this, these; here
TE-NA Demonstrative pronoun: that, those (near you)
-RA Demonstrative clitic: there, yonder (not near speaker or addressee)
TE-RA Demonstrative pronoun: that, those (distant from both speaker and addressee)
NUNU Rub, grate, strain (action in preparation of turmeric or arrowroot)
PAQA-PAQA Type of food
PATOKI Very black (intensifier with *quli)
PIKO.C To think, speak or act in a wrong, false or negative way
POLO-POLO First-fruits ceremony
PUNU-TI Close, block
PUPUQA Deep hole on reef; blowhole
TAU.11 Pick (fruit, flowers, leaves)

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