Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MIO.1A Turn, twist: *mio(-qi)
TAMA.1B Small, a small thing
PUUPUU.4 Bundle (of plant material); ball of food; group, team (of people)
PUUPUU.3 Empty coconut shell; hollow object; container
QAU-HAKE Take up, raise, lift
MA-NEKE Be moved, be raised
GANA.2B To speak; speech, language
MOMO.B Fragments, small pieces; small amount
TAMA.1C Person
MA.3 From
KAFA-GA Loop of coconut fibre around the feet used for climbing coconut trees: *ka(a)fa9a
GAQA Fish sp., mackerel
POO-GIA Overtaken by night; continue doing something after night has fallen
POGI-A Dazzled, blinded; to faint
SIKI.2 Finish the ends or edges of a mat
SIKI.1D Copy, quote, translate
TAFE-GA Small flow or current; place of flow or current; small channel
KI-MAA-RUA First person exclusive dual pronoun (independent)
KI-TAA-RUA First person inclusive dual pronoun (independent)
KI-LAA-RUA Third person dual pronoun (independent)
KI-LAA-UTOLU Third person plural pronoun (independent)
TA First person singular affective preposed subject pronoun
HAKE.A Go up, rise, ascend, climb; go inland or towards shore
PEA Particle of continuity: then, still
KO-IA That's it, that's right. Conjunction: so, therefore: *ko ia (ai)
FUA.3E Classifier
KAU.2C Counter classifier for various things, 20 general
EE-NAA Plural demonstrative pronoun near addressee. Those, by you.
TE.2 Allomorph of E.1 *(q)e(e) non past verbal particle.
I.2A Preposition: locative (of space or time), source, cause: *(q)i
TE-QA-NA 3rd person singular possessive A-class pronoun.
TE-O-NA Third person singular possessive O-class.
MAI.D From, preposition
POLO.2 Mark; to make a mark
TE-O-KU First person exclusive O-class possessive
QAWE-HIFO Take, carry, put down
SUO Gardening implement
PUI.B Fence, curtain, screen; covering: *(pu(i))pui
QAFALI Fish sp., surgeonfish
FAKA-QOTI.A Finish, complete, put an end to
FAKA-QOTI.B End (of a period of time), last (in a series)
FAKA-QOTI.C Completely, exhaustively, thoroughly (post-verbal)
FAKA-FULA Inflate, cause to swell up; bladder, belly: *faka-(fu)fula
FAKA-TOO.A Cause to fall, drop; lay (egg)
FAKA-TOO.B Descend, go down
FAKA-HUHU Suckle, breast-feed
FAKA-RIKI Make small, make into small pieces
TAGALOA.B Various natural species and celestial phenomena associated with the god
FAKA-RURU To shelter

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