Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
FAKA-NOFO Install, appoint (to an office or position); give in marriage
QAGO.B Empty, hollow
KAPI.C Packed tight, completely filled, occupied, covered; narrow, tight *kapi-ti(a)
SIKU-SIKU Tips, projecting ends
MA-FASI Split (vi), crack, break open
FASI.C Beat, kill
TUQA.1B Back side, far side, outside; ridge (of a mountain), back (of hand) etc.
QAW-AGE Take or give (to third person)
FAKA-TERE-TERE Race canoes; practice sailing; sail toy canoes
FAAQOA Canoe crew; kin, people
PEKE.3 Soak up liquid (food)
SEGI.B Dazzled; having impaired vision
SE-SEGI Fearful, timid, shy, untamed
TAUSI Take care of; observe (custom etc.)
TALA-A-TUQA Dorsal fin, dorsal spine of fish: *tala-(a)-tuqa
QASA-GA.A Shallow place between islets; ford *qa(a)saga
KALU.B Viscous or clotted matter, e.g. mucus, clotted blood, dregs or residue
KALU.C Viscous, clotted, jelly-like
MEQA.B Do (used for a range of verbal senses, particularly 'do, make, cause', 'intend', 'say')
FE-HAGA-I To meet, encounter, confront
FIHA.B Few, a few
TUQU-LAKI To stand (plural subject), stand (up) in a group
QAFIO Go, be (chiefly term?)
POLA-POLA Basket of plaited coconut leaf
TAFA-TAFA Edge, border
TALA-TALA.A Thorny, prickly; rough (surface)
FAKA-QATU.B Think about, be concerned with, worried about
TUPU.C Swelling in groin
LISA-MUQA Name of a lunar month
LISA-MURI Name of a lunar month
MULIFAA Name of a constellation and a lunar month: *mu(l,n)ifa(a)
SILIGA-KELEKELE Name of a lunar month
SILIGA-MAQA Name of a lunar month
TA-PUNI Block, shut; conceal *ta(a)puni
QANU-FEA Cool, cold
KAU-QAA Fence, wall
MAALOOLOO.B Rest, recover one's strength
GUTU-LIMU Fish sp., possibly parrotfish
LAWA.1C Overcome, conquer; accomplish
MA-ILI To blow gently (of wind), to be blown on (esp. gently) *ma(a)-ili(ili)
KAILAO Club-like weapon; dance using this weapon
TAQA.2 Sweat
FAKA-SOA Pair off, make couples, put together
TOLI.2 Cultivate; plantation
TOKO.1C Support, prop up; help, assist
TOKONAKI Prepare, assemble for use (esp. food)
MOHE-QAHO Fish sp., probably shark (said to sleep during the day) *moe(moe)-qao
TAMA-TAQANE Boy,young man
QARA-FAKI Stay awake with (esp. a dead or dying person)
KOGA-A-LOTO Middle portion, centre

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