Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
LOLO.1B Delicious, sweet, rich, oily, fatty (of food)
WOKE Lever with twisting action: *(w)oke
WAHA-WAHA Spread out, separated by intervals; not close together, not tight (of a joint or closure)
RAQA-KAU.B Wood, wooden; piece of wood, stick, object made of wood; tool, device
TOLO.2B Extend, stretch forth (arm, etc.), reach, thrust
TAA.4B To fish, catch fish: *taa (ika)
FIA-INU To be thirsty
TAU-SOA Be a couple, do something as a couple or pair; be friends
TAU-TASA Single, only one
MATA.5 Door, entrance
QALU.C Go, come
LAU-MANU Flock of birds (indicating a shoal of fish)
FAKA-RAU To make a hundred; to increase in number, multiply (vt)
TUKU.C Let go, release; give; allow, permit
TUKU-GA Custom, tradition, habit
TAPA.1B Edge, border, or small piece of cloth
GAHE-GAHE Weak, exhausted, lazy, ill
SUA.4 Change tack (in sailing)
POO.1B Day (24 hour period)
TAU-.14 Prefix to numerals, deriving nouns which denote a group (bunch, cluster) of that number
TUQA-A-MATA Upper part of eye (eyelid to eyebrow)
FAKA-RUA.1 Twice; to do twice, do a second time, repeat
SIKI.1E Shift or move to another place
NANU.A Speak indistinctly or confusedly
E.1B Numeral particle
MATE-GA Death; illness
QUHI.3 Reason, explanation, meaning
MA-LEPE Smashed, destroyed
NEFU.2B Powdery, dusty, ashy
TAU-TAMA Suckle an infant; take care of a child
TAU-TONU On time, at the right time; at the right time or place, in the right manner
SOIFUA Healthy, well
FAKA-MORI To offer, present
FAKA-NOA Refuse to listen or speak, take no interest
MAFA-TIA Weighed down, bent under weight; burdened, oppressed
MAQI Negative imperative: don't!
MA-UU Sink
TAQU.2B Age-class, generation
TULEKI-NA Push over, push aside
QUGOGO Worm or insect sp., destructive to wood

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