Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TAU.12 Cover (vt); covering of earth oven
TAU-WALO To exclaim, cry out
TA-QIA Strike, hit
TURI-QI-WAQE Knee: *tuli-(qi)-waqe
TUPE.2 Shake; stumble
UAKI Type of spear
UE.B Stir up the mind, arouse attention or interest
ASA.2 Fin
WEU.2 Jumble, disarrange, put into disorder
FISU Plaited-in sides of a mat: *fi(s,h)u, *wisu
FE-QILO-AKI See or know one another
FAKA-SAA To show
FAKA-OLO Move along smoothly, to do gradually or one by one
FAKA-PULU-PULU Wrap, enfold, cover (a person)
FAKA-.4 Quotative: to say "...", particularly with words for "yes" and "no"
QARO.B Underside, inner surface: *qaro(-qaro)
ENE.1 Do tentatively or carefully: *(faka)ene(ene)
KAWE.1B String, thread; ray of light; other elongated objects
KAWE.2B Straps for carrying something on the back
MOKO.1B Various species of invertebrates (us. with modifier)
WAO.B In compounds meaning 'wild, undomesticated' (of animals), 'savage' (of humans)
QUGA-AFI Firebrand, burning wood
HAKE.C In temporal expressions
FOHE-MURI Stern paddle
MAGA-MAGA.A Branching, forked
MATA-A-QUHA Raindrop
PANI.4 Pillage, destroy property
KELE.B Dirty, soiled, unclean: *kele(kele)
KELE-A Dirty: *kele(kele)-a
MASA-IA High and dry, stranded by receding water
TUQU-KEHE Be different, unusual
HUI-MATUQA Spine, backbone
HUI-TUQA Spine, backbone
WASA-QA Interval of space or time; social relations between: *wa(s,h)aqa
WA-WAA Empty space, chasm
LAU-HAKAU Area covered with reefs
TO-TOLO Crawl on hands and knees
WAI-A Wet, watery
FAKA-KITE Show, reveal; revelation, omen; disclose, inform
FIA-MOHE To be sleepy
MATE.1E Very calm (of sea or weather); low tide
FAKA-AGI To make a breeze; to expose to wind; enjoy the breeze, take the air: *faka-agi(agi)
-HAQA Bad, wrong
KAI-GA.B Food refuse, esp. of chewed food
KITE-A Visible, in sight
MA-RAMA.C Enlightened; to know, understand; intelligent
MATA-MATA Small points, many small things of the same kind
MATE-HOGE To be hungry, starving
OFO.B Be surprised, amazed, startled; greet someone who has just appeared

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