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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rennellese PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakamaʔu To make fast or firm; to hold; to be permanent, fixed
Samoan PN.FAKA-MAQU Faʔamau To make fast; make a stand in a war; betrothed one
Sikaiana PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakammau Make firm, make tight; depend upon
Tahitian PN.FAKA-MAQU Haʔamau Rendre fixe, établir
Tikopia PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamau Make firm, secure, set, support
Tokelau PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamau Tighten, fix, secure; fasten, button up; register, be registered; be engaged to get married
Tongan PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamaʔu Make firm; do up, fix, fasten; tighten; engaged to be married
Tuamotu PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakamau To establish; affix, join, fasten firmly
West Uvea PN.FAKA-MAQU Fagamau/a Boutonner, fixer
West Futuna PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamau-i To twine or tie so as not to slip
Hawaiian CE.FAKA-MAU Hoʔomau Continue, keep on, persist, renew, perpetuate, persevere, last
New Zealand Maori CE.FAKA-MAU Whakamau Fix the attention on, be intent on
Luangiua CE.FAKA-MAU Haamau Intermittent. Immerzu; stets (Sar). Problematic
Tuamotu CE.FAKA-MAU Hakamau To be unwavering, unfaltering; continuing, lasting, enduring
Rapa EC.FAKA-MAUMAU ʔAkamaumau To dawdle
Samoan EC.FAKA-MAUMAU Faʔamaaumau Waste, squander
Tokelau EC.FAKA-MAUMAU Fakamaaumau Waste, squander, be wasteful
East Futuna PN.FAKA-MAWEUWEU Fakamaveuveu Eparpiller, disperser, mettre en désordre
East Uvea PN.FAKA-MAWEUWEU Fakamaveuveu Eparpiller, disperser, troubler, mettre en désordre
Samoan PN.FAKA-MAWEUWEU Faʔamaveʔuveʔu To unsettle, to create confusion Phonologically Irregular
Tongan PN.FAKA-MAWEUWEU Fakamaveu(veu) To throw into disorder or confusion; to cause disturbance or disorder
East Uvea CP.FAKA-MELE Fakamele Tacher, défigurer; diffamer, discréditer, dire du mal de quelqu'un, nuire à la réputation de quelqu'un
Tongan CP.FAKA-MELE Fakamele Say bad things about, cast aspersions on; cause to be defective, mar, spoil, injure
Tuamotu CE.FAKA-PAGO Hakapango To manage, practise, use; to cause to be sure, make certain
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-PAPA.A Hoʔopapa Place in rank or file, put in order, put in layers, overlay, make a shelf, pack neatly
Nukuoro PN.FAKA-PAPA.A Hagababa Become engaged to marry; prepare for, make ready Problematic
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-PEQE Hoʔopee Mash Problematic
New Zealand Maori PN.FAKA-PEQE Whakapee Soften, mash, crush Problematic
Samoan PN.FAKA-PEQE Faʔapee Leave till soft, as breadfruit to make olula
Pukapuka EP.FAKA-PEKE Wakapeke To raise buttocks (e.g. of a woman in reference to sex act) Borrowed
Samoan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Faʔapelepele To take care of, to make much of
Tongan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Fakapelepele To pet, to make a pet of, treat with indulgence or favouritism; treat (a thing) with special care
East Futuna PN.FAKA-QATA.A Faka/ʔa/ʔata Regarder au loin la main en visière; paire de jumelles
East Futuna NP.FAKA-TAGI Fakatagi Instrument de musique (anciennement, sort de sifflet conique en feuille de bananier roulée); magnétophone; poste de radio
Moriori NP.FAKA-TAGI Hokotangi Make (voice) sound (like)
Rarotongan NP.FAKA-TAGI ʔAkatangi Make sound (generally), play (a musical instrument)
Hawaiian NP.FAKA-TASI Hoʔokahi Together, as a unit, at the same time; to make one, unite; to be similar
Samoan NP.FAKA-TASI Faʔatasi To add to, to join together to make one; to be together
Tikopia PN.FAKA-TAU- Fakatau- Make a relation
Tongan PN.FAKA-QUTA Fakaʔuta Imagine, envisage; consider, think of
East Futuna PN.FAKA-WAKA Fakavaka Emmancher un couteau, un sabre; faire une couverture a un livre, le relier
East Uvea PN.FAKA-WAKA Fakavaka Emmancher, encadrer, adapter une poignée à encadrer
Marquesas OC.FAKI Ha/haki (MQN), fafaʔi (MQS) Pick flowers, fruit. Cueillir avec la main (des fruits...)
Marquesas NP.FAQAKI Faʔi (MQS), haʔi, haki (MQN) Avouer, confesser, révéler, faire connaître, manifester; dénoncer, divulguer, violer un secret. Dévoiler, unveil [Northwest Marquesan Dialect] (Atl).
Rarotongan NP.FAQAKI ʔAa/ʔaaki/ Disclose information, confess
Marquesas NP.SAAKILI.2 Haʔiʔi Fantasque, lunatique, maniaque, épileptique Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta PN.FALA.1 Para A fine sleeping mat. Sleeping mat made from pandanus type called *kie* (Fbg).
East Futuna PN.FALA.1 Fala Pandanus mat
Kapingamarangi PN.FALA.1 Ga/hala Mat of pandanus leaf for floors or for sleeping
New Zealand Maori PN.FALA.1 Whara Floor mat