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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan PN.LAU-MANU Laumanu Flock of birds
Penrhyn AN.RAKU Sa/saku To be scratched, have got many scratches. Scratching (Bck). Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian TA.TII-TOKO Tiitoʔo Étai pour ouvrir et maintenir ouvert un auvent; ouvrir un auvent à l'aide d'un étai; border une voile; étendre le bras, la jambe
Tuamotu TA.TUU-KAU.B Tuukau A social overlord, predominant chief...; a steward, mate; the housekeeper of an *ariki*
Penrhyn NP.TULU-TULU.1 Na turuturu matua The large villages Uncertain Semantic Connection
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.FAKA-RAU Akarau To make more, to multiply Borrowed
Tahitian PN.FAKA-RAU Faarau To make hundreds, or count by hundreds
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-RAU Hoʔolau To make numerous; to assemble, as of numerous persons or animals; numerous
Nukuoro PN.FAKA-RAU Hagalau Make a total of one hundred
Kapingamarangi PN.FAKA-RAU Hagalau To make a total of one hundred
Tongan PN.FAKA-RAU Faka/te/au To make up to a hundred, to complete a hundred of
Rennellese PN.FAKA-RAU Hakagau To count, as mats, tapa, bags, papers, books, bundles of pandanus leaves for thatch Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan CK.AU.2 Au Several, many (usually translatable by English plural)
Manihiki-Rakahanga CK.AU.2 Au Plural marker
Penrhyn CK.AU.2 Au Plural marker (mostly dual or paucal)
Mangaia CK.AU.2 Au Particle marking non-singularity or plurality
Manihiki-Rakahanga TA.FAKA-MASARA Whakamaahara/hara To cogitate, consider, think over; to call to remembrance
Penrhyn TA.FAKA-MASARA Hakamahara, akamahara To memorize
Penrhyn TA.FAKA-MASARA Hakamahara/hanga Memory, memorial, recollection
Rarotongan TA.FAKA-MASARA ʔAkamaʔara Remind, jog someone's memory, remember
Rarotongan TA.FAKA-MASARA ʔAkamaaʔara/ʔara Remember, reminisce
Mangaia TA.FAKA-MASARA ʔAkamaʔara Remember, long for, scold, worry
New Zealand Maori TA.FAKA-MASARA Whakamahara Remind
Tuamotu TA.FAKA-MASARA Hakamahara To consider/ponder the words of call to memory...
Mangareva CE.FAKA-RUKU ʔAkaruku Prendre avec un filet de petits poissons en bande; faire cacher les pissons dans les madrépores; faire plonger Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan CK.HIIKOKE ʔIikoke Thin (of people and animals), gaunt, skinny, lean
Rarotongan TA.HOROGA ʔOoronga Give something (e.g. a present, permission, information); generous
Mangaia TA.FULI-FULI ʔUriʔuri manako To discuss, look for a solution
Manihiki-Rakahanga TA.MANU.3 Manu Curved wooden brace attached to gunwales
Penrhyn TA.MANU.3 Manu Wooden gunwale brace that is a characteristic of a Penrhyn canoe
Tahitian TA.MANU.3 Manu A short cross seat in a canoe. Siège court en travers dans une pirogue, prévu pour les invités (Aca).
Manihiki-Rakahanga TA.MAAORO Maoro Stroking movements in massage
Penrhyn TA.MAAORO Maaoro-hia To rub, massage
Rarotongan TA.MAAORO Maaoro Massage (v)
Rarotongan TA.MAAORO Maaoro/oro Rub gently, fondle
Mangaia TA.MAAORO Maaoro Rub, massage, make smooth (of matting material *paapaa*)
Tahitian TA.MAAORO Maaoro Masser quelqu'un
Tuamotu TA.MAAORO Maaoro (VTU, ANA) To fondle, caress with the hand
Pukapuka TA.MAAORO Maaolo Press, massage Borrowed
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.MALOAQA Maro/maroaa Weak
Mangaia PN.MALOAQA Maro/maroaa Lonely
Tahitian TA.GUTU-FARE ʔUtu/aa/fare Maison familiale; famille, ceux qui habitent la même maison
Tahitian TA.PAKARI Paari Mature, old, ripe, hard; wise, knowing, skilful, cunning
Manihiki-Rakahanga CK.RUUHAU Ruuhau Old; old man
Penrhyn CK.RUUHAU Ruuhau To be old, aged (only of people and animals)
Rarotongan CK.RUUHAU Ruuʔau Old, aged; old man
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.LULU.2 Ruru rama A collection of bundled coconut leaves
Rarotongan TA.UUTEE ʔUutee A song with marked four-beat rhythm, often with narrative or love interest, or composed to commemorate some event; to sing an *'uutee*.
Marquesas CE.VAI Vai Rester, exister; stay, remain, exist
Mangaia CE.VAI Vai Be, exist, stay, remain