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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan SO.SAGA.1C Saga A dowry, property given by the woman's family at her marriage
Tongan PN.KISI.1 Kihi/ʔi, hikiʔi Small, insignificant (preposed to noun)
Tongan PN.KISI.1 Kiʔi Small, little, tiny, young (preposed to noun)
East Uvea NP.KIINAKI.* Kiitaki Manger quelque chose avec la noix de coco
East Futuna NP.KIINAKI.* Kiitaki Manger des tubercules ou des bananes mûres avec de la pulpe de coco; sevrage
Tongan NP.KIINAKI.* Kataki To eat two different kinds of vegetable food together (instead of vegetable and *kiki*). Manger qc. avec la noix de cocos (Btn).
East Uvea PN.KIKI.1 Kiikii Fricot, chose que l'on mange avec une autre
East Futuna PN.KIKI.1 Kiki Chose que l'on mange avec une autre; manger son fricot avec son pain.
East Uvea PN.RAGI Lagi/aki Chef temporaire, celui qui exerce les fonctions du chef de village pendant son absence; commander, coordonner, ordonner, diriger, prescrire
Sikaiana PN.RAGI Lani/ttia To be divided into equal portions among many different people.
Tongan PN.MAFA-TIA Mafasia To be weighed down, burdened (lit. or fig.)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.MAFA-TIA Mafasia Be too heavy for, weigh down [NUP]
East Uvea PN.MAFA-TIA Mafasi-a Plié sous le poids
Samoan PN.MAFA-TIA Mafatia To be weighed down; burdened, oppressed; dead
Tokelau PN.MAFA-TIA Maafatia Be deeply upset; be bereaved, deeply sad; suffer, be overcome
Nukuoro PN.MAFA-TIA Dae/mahadia, -lia Heavy, oppressive, hard to take
Tahitian PN.MAFA-TIA Mahatea To be weary of a thing Problematic
Rennellese PN.MAFA-TIA Mahatia To be weighted down
Tongan PN.TAKA-MILO Maakamio To sit or lie about, or just stroll round, doing nothing, when one ought to be up and doing one's duty Problematic
East Uvea XW.MATINI Masini Offrande de kava aux divinités d'autrefois
East Futuna XW.MATINI Matini (obs.) Bouquet de cocos, de bananes, arrachés de leur tronc pour des cérémonies paiennes
Samoan XW.MATINI Matini An offering of branches of certain trees, to induce *aitu* to pass over the place where they are hung without calling in.
Tikopia XW.MATINI Matini Flag, pennant; barkcloth streamer (?for *noa*, ritual streamer of barkcloth or leaf marker, as memorial decoration, temple offering, or taboo sign) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.MAA-UNU Maʔunu Tomber à travers un panier, par les fentes d'un plancher
East Uvea PN.MAQI Mai/te, mai/ne (obs.) Gardez-vous de, ne faites pas, cessez
Hawaiian PN.MAQI Mai Preverbal particle of negative command: don't
Tongan XW.MATI.2 Mesi/masi Neither green nor dry; partially dry (of wood, bark, leaves)
Tongan XW.MATI.2 Masi Partially dry (= mesimasi), but applied only to paper-mulberry bark (*tutu*).
East Uvea XW.MATI.2 Masi/masi (obs.) Vieux, fané, flétri; (coco) cueilli depuis longtemps
East Futuna XW.MATI.2 Mati Laisser à jaunir (feuilles de tabac ou semences de taro)
Samoan XW.MATI.2 Mati Stale, as water that has been left for some time, or coconuts picked some days before; also of *'ava*
Nukuoro XW.MATI.2 Madi To add organic material to the taro bog Problematic
East Uvea PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Tomber en quantité, tomber en déconfiture
East Uvea MP.MALUU.A Maaluu Etre adouci, rendu tendre, doux, mou
East Futuna MP.MANUU Manuu, monuu Heureusement que...
East Futuna PN.MANUU-QIA Manuʔia Être comblé, être heureux; bonheur, chance; à votre santé!
East Uvea OC.MANUKA.1 Manuka(nuka) (obs.) Maladie, plaie; périr, mourir, détruire, être détruit (terme respectueux, en parlant du Roi, de sa maison, d'une église)
Tuvalu PN.MATA.5 Mata/loa Door, gate
Tuvalu CP.TUKU.A Ma/tuku ki lalo To drop down, recede [ex. population]
Tuvalu PN.TAU-.14 Tau Fruit marking prefix
Tuvalu PN.TAU-.14 Tau/tolu Threesome, group of three (animals and fruit)
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A Ma/suki/suki To pain, ache; to have stabbing pains; (of cold) biting
Tuvalu AN.MASI.1 Masi Biscuit, cabin cracker Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuvalu PN.E.1B E Marker placed before numerals
Tuvalu PN.MATE-GA Matega Death (the state of being dead, the act of dying)
Tuvalu XW.FAI-TALIHA Faitalia No matter what, whatever the circumstances
Tuvalu PN.KIKI.1 Kiki To eat one food with another; to mix foods in the mouth. Protein (may refer to meat, fish or anything else eaten with rice, *pulaka* etc.; to eat protein or other food with rice (Jsn).
Tuvalu PN.MAFA-TIA Mafatia (pl. maafatia) To be weighed down, under pressure; depressed, sad (*loto mafatia*)
East Futuna PN.NAO Nao/nao Sorte de pêche improvisée à la main effectuée par les femmes
Tongan PN.QOPO ʔOpo/tanga Several layers of beaten paper-mulberry bark (*tutu*) laid together for further beating (in the process of making tapa cloth).