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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan XW.SAI Sai To be good looking (as a man, house, canoe &c)
Tongan XW.SEPO.B Sepo K. stew, like thin porridge, made from pawpaw, pumpkin, or *kivi*. Soupe d'*olesi* (pawpaw) (Btn).. Borrowed
Samoan FJ.HIFO.C Ifo To bow down, as do those conquered in war. Give in, surrender; make a formal apology (Mnr).
Samoan FJ.HIFO.C Ifo/ga A ceremonial request for forgiveness made by an offender and his kinsmen to those injured
Tongan TO.TIQI Toe(toe) siʔi To remain or be left to a small extent. Rester peu (Btn).
Tongan PN.TAQU.2B Toʔu tangata Generation (of human beings, or of men as distinguished from women); persons of about the same age. Contemporain (Btn).
East Futuna PN.TAU-TAMA Tautama Nourrice, nourricier; qui nourrit ou élève un petit enfant
East Uvea PN.QULU.2 ʔUlu Marque du pluriel pour les arbres
East Uvea PN.HUU.1 Hu/hu/i (obs.) Interroger, questionner, demander Borrowed
Tongan PN.QUHI.1 ʔUhui Questionner, demander
Tongan PN.SAA-KILI.1 Hakili To make a thorough examination of (looking in every nook and corner) in searching for something
Ifira-Mele NP.LAFI.1 Gaa/rafi Well-used everyday mats Uncertain Semantic Connection