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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Pukapuka NP.QANU.1 Anu. Ano (Mta). Cold, cool
Tokelau OC.QANU.3 Anu Spit, spittoon
Moriori TA.ARUHE Aruhe (Pteridium esculentum). Fern root
Hawaiian CP.PEKA-PEKA.1 (ʔOo)peʔa-peʔa Bat
Easter Island CP.AO.1 Ao Take spoonful or handful of
New Zealand Maori CP.AO.1 Ao Scoop up in both hands
Sikaiana CP.AO.1 Ao Scoop up
Takuu CP.AO.1 Ao Gather up small items (rice or sand) from a flat surface; scoop up
Fijian OC.QAO.1 Oo Cloud
Penrhyn OC.QAO.1 Oo Cloud, white cloud
Pukapuka NP.QAO.2 Ao Authority, domain e.g. Ao-laa-koo :abode of gods; ao kee (from old chants)
Tahitian NP.QAO.2 Ao Heaven, blessedness, happiness; the state of the blessed; the good reign of a prince
Tokelau NP.QAO.3 Ao Be good, successful at catching or gathering foodstuffs
Tongan FJ.APAI.1 Apai Certain parts of roof timbers of a Tongan house. They run lengthwise and the rafters are bound to them
Anuta SO.APAI.2 Aapai To carry a large load, such as a bundle of firewood, in one's arms.
New Zealand Maori NP.APAKULA Apakura Mother who engages younger son, Whakatau-pootiki, to avenge his brother's death
New Zealand Maori TA.APERE Koo/pere/ A dart and the device by which it was thrown
Nukuoro PN.QAPI.1 A/abi Room (of a house)
East Futuna PN.QAA-POO Aapoo La nuit prochaine (locatif)
East Uvea PN.QAA-POO ʔApoo Ce soir, cette nuit (qui vient)
Mangareva PN.QAA-POO Apoo/nei Ce soir
Nukuoro PN.QAA-POO Aboo Tonight
Nukuoro PN.QAA-POO Aboo nei Tonight (future)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.QAA-POO Apoo Tonight
Tokelau PN.QAA-POO Aapoo Tonight
Tongan PN.QAA-POO ʔApoo Tonight (said during the day)
Hawaiian EP.AA-POOPOO (ʔA)poopoo Tomorrow
New Zealand Maori EP.AA-POOPOO Aapoopoo Tomorrow; at some future time
Mangareva EP.AA-POOPOO Apoopoo Demain
Rarotongan EP.AA-POOPOO Aapoopoo Tomorrow
Tuamotu CE.APU.B Apu To completely enclose, seize in a cavity, as when a large fish seizes a smaller one in the mouth; to take the bait, as fish; to gobble, as a piece of food...
New Zealand Maori CE.APU.B Apu/apu Crammed, stuffed [ex. mouth with food]; palatable
New Zealand Maori AN.ASA.1 Aha/aha Saw-like instrument of shark teeth set in a wooden mounting
East Uvea OC.ASI Ahi Sandalwood, (Santalum spp.)
Fijian OC.ASI Yasi Sandalwood, (Santalum spp.)
Hawaiian OC.ASI ʔIli/ahi/ Sandalwood, (Santalum spp.)
Ifira-Mele OC.ASI Asi Tree with fragrant flower (not Sandalwood)
Marquesas OC.ASI Puu/ahi. Pu/ahi (Lch). Bu/áhhi (Crk). Sandalwood tree. Bois de santal (Lch).
Mangareva OC.ASI Aʔi Sandalwood, (Santalum spp.)
Niue OC.ASI Ahi Sandalwood tree (Santalum yasi); a grasslike plant with leaves up to three feet long
Penrhyn OC.ASI Raakau /ahi/ Sandalwood
Rapa OC.ASI Aʔi Sandalwood
Rarotongan OC.ASI Aʔi Sandalwood tree
Tongan OC.ASI Ahi Sandalwood
Tuamotu OC.ASI Ahi Sandalwood (Santalum spp.)
Waya OC.ASI Asi Sandalwood (Santalum yasi)
Pukapuka PN.QASI Ayi/ayi Keep a lookout for persons, animals
Tikopia PN.QASI A/asi/ Taste; test; inspection to see if taboo is being observed
'Are'are AN.QASO.2 Rato Sun, sunshine, no rain, good weather
Rotuman AN.QASO.2 Aso/fa Afternoon and evening