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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
East Futuna AN.AFI Afi Fire
East Uvea AN.AFI Afi Feu
Fijian AN.AFI V/avi/ Cook in earth oven Phonologically Irregular
Fijian AN.AFI L/avi/ Fetch firewood, carry fire Phonologically Irregular
Hawaiian AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Kapingamarangi AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Emae AN.AFI Afi Fire
New Zealand Maori AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Ifira-Mele AN.AFI Afi Fire
Manihiki-Rakahanga AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Moriori AN.AFI Ahi, ehi Fire
Marquesas AN.AFI Ahi Fire. Feu, allumettes chimiques, capsule d'arme à feu
Mangareva AN.AFI Aʔi Feu, flamme
Nuguria AN.AFI Afi Fire
Nuguria AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Niue AN.AFI Afi Fire
Nukuoro AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Luangiua AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Penrhyn AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Pukapuka AN.AFI Awi Fire
Rapa AN.AFI Aʔi Fire
Rarotongan AN.AFI Aʔi Fire, light
Rennellese AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Rotuman AN.AFI R/afi Fire Problematic
Samoan AN.AFI Afi Fire
Sikaiana AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Tahitian AN.AFI Ahi Fire
Tahitian AN.AFI Au/ahi Feu (combustion)
Takuu AN.AFI Afi Fire, flame
Tikopia AN.AFI Afi Fire, firebrand, glowing coal, torch
Tokelau AN.AFI Afi Fire, matches, lighter; oven; motor, engine
Tongan AN.AFI Afi Fire
Tuamotu AN.AFI Ahi Fire
West Futuna AN.AFI Afi Fire
West Uvea AN.AFI Afi Feu
East Futuna MP.QAFI ʔEfi Place under the arm (as a letter, another's hand). Porter sous le bras (Mfr). Phonologically Irregular
East Uvea MP.QAFI ʔEfi(ʔefi) Porter sous le bras Phonologically Irregular
New Zealand Maori MP.QAFI Awhi-tia Embrace
Ifira-Mele MP.QAFI Avinia Stand close to, hold by side Borrowed
Moriori MP.QAFI Awhi Embrace
Sa'a MP.QAFI Äpi(epi) Hold under arm; steer canoe holding paddle under arm (Cdn) Problematic
Samoan MP.QAFI ʔAfi/si Carry under arm or on the hip
Tokelau MP.QAFI Afi/hi Carry or hold something under the arm; carry child on hip Borrowed
Tongan MP.QAFI ʔEfi(ʔefi) Hold or carry under the arm
Tongan MP.QAFI ʔEfi/hi Push or squeeze in between two things; hold between (e.g. the toes)
Kapingamarangi PN.QAFII Hii Package; to wrap
Emae PN.QAFII Afii Bundle, package
Emae PN.QAFII Afi/na Ficeller coquillage dans feuille coc pour cuire
Nuguria PN.QAFII Afii Bekleiden, einwickeln
Niue PN.QAFII Afii Parcel, cover; to wrap, to cover