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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rennellese PN.QAFU.1 ʔAʔahu Burn, smart, hurt (as new tattooing); shake, as with fever
Samoan PN.QAFU.1 Aafu To be heated, to sweat
Tahitian PN.QAFU.1 Ahu Chaleur radiante; dégager de la chaleur par radiation, chauffer en parlant du piment; fièvre, avoir la fièvre
Tahitian PN.QAFU.1 Ahu/ahu Hot, sultry, not airy; the heat of the sun or of clothes
Tikopia PN.QAFU.1 Afu Be drenched; be moved emotionally, in warmth
Tongan PN.QAFU.1 ʔAfu Hot and steamy, of air, of an earth-oven, of a feverish person
Tongan PN.QAFU.1 ʔAʔafu Very hot and steamy
Tuamotu PN.QAFU.1 Aahu Steam, vapour; hot from exertion
Easter Island EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Megalithic construction considered for a long time as a funeral monument...consists of one or more chambers with a platform cover meant to support one or more moai.. Swelling (Wbr).
Sikaiana EO.WAA.1 V(a)/vaa Noise; be noisy
Fijian EO.QAFU.2 Yavu Foundation mound of a house
Hawaiian EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Altar, shrine, heap up, pile
Kapingamarangi EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Islet , scoop up
New Zealand Maori EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Heap up; sacred mound
Moriori EO.QAFU.2 Tu/ahu Heap, mound
Ifira-Mele EO.QAFU.2 T/afu Heap up
Marquesas EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Lieu sacré
Nuguria EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Mons veneris
Niue EO.QAFU.2 Afu Heap up firewood for oven
Nukuoro EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Islet
Penrhyn EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Erect stone, pile of stones, cairn
Rapa EO.QAFU.2 Aʔu/nga Artificial terrace (a`uanga?)
Rarotongan EO.QAFU.2 Aʔu Pile up, heap up, mound up
Sikaiana PN.WAA.2 Vaa- Prefix: space, land
Sikaiana EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Pile up, heap up
Tahitian EO.QAFU.2 Ahu To throw up or huddle toegher a heap of things; to pile up stones or throw up earth, as for a fortification; to put up the wall of a marae; to make an inclosure to catch fish in shallow places (Dvs). Plate-forme supérieure des marae (Lmt)
Takuu PN.WAA.2 Vaa Distance along a known (and usually stated) route (noun of place, not preceded by an article); in compounds, gap or distance between two or more objects...
Tuamotu EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Pile, heap up
West Futuna EO.QAFU.2 Afu/a Prepare ground for a garden
Waya EO.QAFU.2 Avu Foundation of a house (a flat mound of earth)
East Uvea TO.QAFUA ʔAfua Beau temps, sans pluie Problematic
Niue TO.QAFUA Afua, hafua Fine weather
Tongan TO.QAFUA ʔAfua Fine, to be
New Zealand Maori NP.AAFUA Aahua Form, appearance, likeness
Pukapuka NP.AAFUA Laaua Like, resembling Problematic
Tahitian NP.AAFUA Ahua Traits caracteristiques
Tikopia NP.AAFUA Aafua Cheek; dignity (Drd)
Tuamotu NP.AAFUA Ahuua The form, appearance, semblance, character
East Uvea PN.QAAFUA Afu/a Banc de sable dans la mer; partie du rivage laissée à marée basse, grève
Hawaiian PN.QAAFUA Aahua/one Sandbank
Hawaiian PN.QAAFUA Aahua Heap. mound, hillock
Nukuoro PN.QAAFUA Ahu Islet
Penrhyn PN.QAAFUA Aahua Small islet
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.FAKA-FUA Hakahua Small waves
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.FAKA-FUA Fakafua Waves, tide rip
Rennellese PN.QAAFUA ʔAahua Resting-place of sea birds (as stone, reef)
Tahitian PN.QAAFUA Aahua Un endroit du lagon rempli de corail ou les embarcations ne peuvent pas passer
Takuu PN.QAAFUA Afua Shoal; rocks near reef exposed at low tide
Tikopia PN.QAAFUA Afua Reef shelf
Tongan PN.QAAFUA Afua Shoal, sandbank under the sea