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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tikopia PN.FITI.2 Fiti Name for Melanesian Islands to immediate north and south of Tikopia
Tikopia PN.KALEQA Kaleea Small land snail, not eaten by Tikopia...Pythia scarabeus, Melampus flavus Problematic
Anuta NP.KALI-KAO Karikau Trochus shell (found in Tikopia, but not Anuta); trochus shell armlet
Tikopia PN.KANA.1 Kana Marine material, probably sponge, said to drift to Tikopia
Rennellese MP.KOPI.A Kopi Carry or hold in the hand or fist; cradle, as an infant; hug
East Uvea NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/kopi Plein, rempli, resserré
New Zealand Maori MP.KOPI.A Ko/kopi/ Double together, shut,close
Mangaia MP.KOPI.A Kopi/kopi Double together; make a tuck in sewing
Marquesas MP.KOPI.A Kopi Fermer; ramasser, réunir
Penrhyn MP.KOPI.A Kopi Cuff
Penrhyn MP.KOPI.A Kopi/kopi Pleats, tucks, gathers
Pukapuka MP.KOPI.A Ko/kopi/ To fold; to hug
Pukapuka MP.KOPI.A Kopi/kopi To fold
Rarotongan MP.KOPI.A Kopi Fold back (a piece of cloth); hem, cuff, pleat, tuck; bring things together, assemble
Rarotongan MP.KOPI.A Koo/kopi, koo/kapi Fold in, fold over, fold up
Tikopia MP.KOPI.A Kopi Hold, awkwardly, as under arm; tuck under
Tokelau NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/kopi (of obstacles) Obstruct, be in the way of
East Futuna NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/kopi Etre encombré; être plein à craquer
Tuamotu MP.KOPI.A Kopi Folded over
New Zealand Maori PN.KOPI.B Kopikopi Thrust belly upwards and outwards in dancing
Tongan PN.KOPI.B Kopi Move up and down, or backwards and forwards as in coition
Moriori CK.KOOPII Kopi(i) Tree sp. (Corynocarpus)
Marquesas MQ.KOO-PIO Kopiʔo. Kopio (1ŋ04). Non parvenu à parfaite maturite; trop tendre
Moriori CE.KO-PIKO Kopiko/piko To and fro
Marquesas CE.KO-PIKO Kopiko (MQN), ti/kopiko (MQS) Tortueux, qui va en zigzags. De travers (Dln).
Marquesas CE.KOO-PIRI Kopiʔi, ʔopiʔi (MQS) Faible, infirme. Lâche, poltron; s'arrêter, se retarder (1904).
Mangareva CE.KOO-PIRI Kopiri/piri S'appuyer ça et là par honte, par cause de maladie; s'attacher a quelqu'un, se serrer contre quelqu'un. Stick to; apply closely to; nuzzle up close to anyone through shame or sickness; to go from one tree to another, as children do when called (Tgr).
Marquesas CE.KOO-PIRO Koopiʔo, ʔoopiʔo. ʔOpio (MQS), kopio (MQN) (Lch). Immature (of bananas, bamboo); abortif. Non mûr, trop tendre (Lch).
East Futuna NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/kopi Rempli, plein; resserré, a l'étroit Problematic
New Zealand Maori NP.KOPI-TI Kopiti Shut up, closed
Sikaiana NP.KOPI-TI Kopiti Narrow; confined in a small space
Tokelau NP.KOPI-TI Kopiti Crevice
Mangareva TA.KOO-PITO Kopito Eprouver des douleurs d'estomac pour avoir trop differé à manger. ...pour avoir jeûné (Rch).
Tikopia CP.LEWA.2 Reva Tree that grows only on the mountain. Not seen by most modern Tikopia
Tuamotu TT.MOKO-PIRO Mokopiro Dimples in small of back just above rectum
Anuta MP.TAU.5 Tau/ranga Formal friendship relationship between an Anutan and a Tikopian; individual or group involved in such Problematic
Anuta PN.TILI.1B Tiri A kind of net used in Tikopia but no longer in Anuta
Rotuman MP.KAPI.A Kopiti Embrace, cling Borrowed
Takuu NP.KOPI-TI K/kopi Narrow (as of canoe), too small, of insufficient size to accomodate an object
East Futuna NP.KOPI-TI Fe/kopi Trop serré, trop rapproché
Manihiki-Rakahanga NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/a Inclosed
New Zealand Maori NP.KOPI-TI Kopi Doubled together; shut, closed; completed; gorge of a river
New Zealand Maori MP.KOPI.A Kopi Nip between the legs
Mangareva NP.KOPI-TI Kopi Se fermer (se dit des bivalves, des deux mains, qui serrent quelquechose)
Takuu MP.KOPI.A K/kopi Close something by bringing its two parts together
Sikaiana MP.KOPI.A Kopi To carry on the hip, as one carries a child
Sikaiana NP.KOPI-TI K/kopi Warped, bent by humidity or heat Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tokelau MP.KOPI.A Kopi Carry or hold something under one arm (e.g. rolled up mat); carry child on hip, with one arm supporting its back
Marquesas MP.KOPI.A Kopi/kopi (MQN), ʔopi/ʔopi (MQS) Se frotter les mains en les lavant
Anuta OC.PILI.2 Mokopiri A type of lizard a little bigger than the *piripata*, but smaller than the *moko uri*