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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Lemoo The buttocks
Tongan Leo To watch, to be awake; a sentinel
Tongan Lepa A well
Tongan Li To toss (as any thing light)
Tongan Lia-lia Disagreeable to the sight, abominable, brutal, filthy
Tongan Liagi To abandon, to throw away; the name of a game
Tongan Licoo That part of any island which is least frequented by canoes, owing to its rocky shores; in all the Tonga islands the licoo is more or less the eastern coast
Tongan Liha A nit, an egg of a louse
Tongan Liha-mooa The name of the first lunar month
Tongan Liha-mooi The name of the second lunar month
Tongan Lili Anger
Tongan Lillé Good, kind; peace, order
Tongan Lilo To hide or conceal
Tongan Limoo Sea-weed
Tongan Lingi To pour out, to diffuse
Tongan Lioo To [sc. the?] hold in a vessel
Tongan Lo An ant
Tongan Lo. Low. The leaf of a plant. A leaf (of a tree).
Tongan Lo-gnootoo The lips
Tongan Loa Ancient, long ago, tedious
Tongan Loa loa Long, extended, tall; tallness
Tongan Loata The large black ant
Tongan Lofa To hover as a bird
Tongan Lofa A paper kite
Tongan Lohoo A crook to hook down branches, for gathering fruit
Tongan Lolo Oil, emulsion of the cocoa-nut
Tongan Lo/lomi To defer, to press down
Tongan Lo/longo Quiet, still, peaceful
Tongan Lo/loto Deep, depth
Tongan Lomagi To drown, to founder
Tongan Longoa Noise, noisy
Tongan Loo A name given to several preparations of food
Tongan Looa To disgorge, to vomit; sea-sickness
Tongan Loobe A dove
Tongan Looloo An owl
Tongan Loóloo-á To inclose with paling
Tongan Looloo-looloo To shake, to jolt
Tongan Low To nip, or pinch
Tongan Low vale A countless number
Tongan Lowcow Proud, arrogant
Tongan Ma Ashamed, bashful
Tongan Ma Clear, immaculate
Tongan Ma. Mama. Mamma. To chew, a mouthful. To chew cava. To chew, a morsel.
Tongan Ma A sort of food
Tongan Ma The conjunction, and...used only in connecting numbers
Tongan Ma The preposition, for
Tongan Máäla A field of yams
Tongan Máanga A mouthful, a morsel
Tongan Maboo To whistle
Tongan Ma/booni To shut or close up