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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Macca A stone, a rock
Tongan Macca hoonoo A particular sort of black pebble, made hot for the purpose of cooking
East Uvea Makahunu Caillou
East Futuna Makasinu Gros galet noir d'origine volcanique (dans les rivières ou au bord de mer à Tu'atafa); basalte
Tongan Macca/tá A sling
Tongan Macawna Full, fed, satisfied
Tongan Machila Sharp, having an edge
Tongan Ma/cohi To scratch
Tongan Maénne. Maenne-enne. To tickle.
Tongan Mafá, mafa/he Crack, rent, fissure
Tongan Mafanna Heat, warmth
Tongan Mafatooa To sneeze
Tongan Mafachi, mafechi Broken, disjointed
Tongan Mafohi Stripped off, marked with scratches
Tongan Maha. Mamaha. Empty, vacant. Shallow, not deep; a bank in the sea
Tongan Tahi-mamaha Ebb tide
Tongan Mahagi Sickness, disease
Tongan Mahai(hai) To tear, to make ragged
Tongan Mahalo(halo) Distrustful, suspicion. To suspect.
Tongan Mahe Acid, sour, tart
Tongan Mahe-mahe A dolphin
Tongan Mahi The dress of the Fiji islands
Tongan Mahina The moon, moonlight, a lunar month
Tongan Mahoá A plant
Tongan Makila To twinkle, starlike
Tongan Mala Ill luck
Tongan Malái. Marlý. A piece of ground, generally before a large house, or chief's grave, where public ceremonies are principally held
Tongan Maláia Unlucky; a public calamity
Tongan Malala Charcoal, embers
Tongan Malië Exactly, nicely
Tongan Maló. Malóló. Rest. Refreshed; rest, release from pain
Tongan Maló A term of encouragement to bear pain or hard labour; well borne! bravely suffered! also, welcome! I am glad to see you, I am glad to find you here
Tongan Malohi Strong, able
Tongan Maloo The shade, shadow of any large object, as a house, hill, or trees.
Tongan Mama The world, human beings, society at large
Tongan Mama Light from the sun, or fire; a torch, torch-light
Tongan Mámá The lungs
Tongan Mámá Light, not heavy
Tongan Mamafa Heavy, ponderous
Tongan Mamahi Ache, or pain, to give pain, severe, bodily injury
Tongan Mamaoo Distant, afar, aloof
Tongan Mamata To look, to behold; sight
Tongan Mamma To leak, leaky
Tongan Mamma A ring
Tongan Mana Thunder; also a sign
Tongan Manaco To love, to esteem; beloved
Tongan Manatoo(natoo) To recollect, to muse; thoughtful, serious, sad
Tongan Manava Breath
Tongan Mánava-hé Fear, want of courage, &c.
Tongan Manga The barb of an arrow or spear, any thing open, diverging, or fork-shaped