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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Goolo A cauldron, a kettle; a sort of earthenware vessel of the manufacture of the Fiji islands
Tongan Goómá A mouse, a rat
Tongan Goomala The sweet potatoe
Tongan Goomete A trough, a dish
Tongan Goomi To investigate, to search, to explore
Tongan Gootoo A louse
Tongan Ha To display, to shew, to appear
Tongan Habe A cripple
Tongan Hage Up
Tongan Hahanga A reef
Tongan Ha/hów. How-chia. The dew; a fog, a mist, a haze. Misty, foggy, cloudy.
Tongan Hahage That end of any island which is most towards the north; or if it should happen to lie east and west, that end which is most towards the east
Tongan Hai. Haichia. To tear, to cut. To tear to pieces.
Tongan Hala. Halla. Entrance, door-way; road into a plantation or wood. A road or path; a channel into a port.
Tongan Hala. Halla. An error; to err. To miss, to fail, to blunder; wrong, amiss; a mistake
Tongan Hamma The smallest canoe of a double canoe, viz. the leeward canoe
Tongan Hamoochi/a To grudge, to envy (used only with first person, singular or plural)
Tongan Havili. Havili-vili. A blast, a gale. A breeze.
Tongan Hawla. Holla. To escape, to flee. To run away, to desert.
Tongan He. E. The article, the or a. A contraction of the article he.
Tongan He A grasshopper
Tongan Hea The name of a tree, from the fruit of which is expressed a glutinous red varnish (called also hea)...used to stain and varnish the finest gnatoo...
Tongan Heca To sit down on a chair, bank, or bench; to embark; deposited, settled, placed in
Tongan Héë To err; astray, wandering
Tongan He/hele. Hele. Ma/hele. An incision; to cut. To cut, also a knife. A cut, a gash.
Tongan He/hengi. Hengi-hengi. Early. Morning, break of day.
Tongan Heke heke Slippery, slimy; slipperiness; to slide
Tongan Hela Fatigue; breathless, short of breath
Tongan Hele A trap, a snare
Tongan Naw hele. Naw-gia. To snare (with a string), to noose. To strangle.
Tongan Heloo A comb; to comb
Tongan Heni Here
Tongan Heoo To ward off, to avoid
Tongan Hi Emissio seminis
Tongan Hico To take up any thing that has been collected together; to tuck up, as one's dress; the name of a gamedress
Tongan Hifo To go down
Tongan Higgi To raise, to lift, to heave
Tongan Hihifo That end of an island which is towards the south; if the island should lie east and west, that end which is towards the west
Tongan Hili To put or place up or upon; to lodge or be fixed, as a body thrown, in a tree, &c.
Tongan Hili. Hili/anga. To leave off or finish any work or operation. End of, termination (in a moral sense), as termination of happiness or misery; also termination of work.
Tongan Hilinga gele-gele The fifth lunar month...
Tongan Hilinga-mea The name of the eighth lunar month...
Tongan Hilo The anus
Tongan Hina. Hina-hina. Hoary headed; grey with age. White.
Tongan Hinga To fall, to tumble
Tongan Hingoa Name, appellation.
Tongan Hiva The numeral, nine
Tongan Hiva To sing
Tongan Hobo To caper, to jump, a jump, to rebound
Tongan Hoca To stab, a lance, a thrust