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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Hoco To splice or knot
Tongan Hoco. Tahi hoco. To flow. High water.
Tongan Ica A fish; fish
Tongan Ifi To blow
Tongan Ifi afi Evening
Tongan Igi Diminutive, tiny
Tongan Igi The mallet with which they beat out the bark of the heabo to form tapa
Tongan Igoo The tail
Tongan Ihoo The nose; also used as our word nozle, applied fantastically to the prominence of any thing
Tongan Iký The negative no; never; none
Tongan Ila A mole or mark in the skin
Tongan Ilonga A crease, mark, symptom, omen, criterion
Tongan Inachi A share; also the name of a religious ceremony
Tongan Inoo To drink
Tongan I´ö The affirmative, yes; the interj. ah indeed! well!
Tongan Ita Anger, displeasure; vexed, angry
Tongan Jia To entangle; a place to catch birds
Tongan Jiaw/ta A looking-glass
Tongan Jio A stare; to look, to peep
Tongan Kefoo Flaxen
Tongan Keviki The crab-fish
Tongan Kiji kiji vy The horse-fly
Tongan Kikila, kila-kila Dazzling, to flare
Tongan Ky fonnooa A vassal; also, the common people
Tongan Kyhá. Kyhachia. To thieve, to steal. Stolen.
Tongan La A sail of a canoe, or other vessel
Tongan Láä The sun, sunshine
Tongan Láë The brow, or forehead
Tongan Lafa-lafa, lalafa, lalaffa, lafa Flat
Tongan Lafa The ringworm, or tetter
Tongan Laffo To throw or pitch
Tongan Lahe Lime, which they make from coral
Tongan Lahi Many, several; powerful, great
Tongan Laho. Foi laho. The scrotum. A testicle.
Tongan Lala A bitch etc.
Tongan Langa. La/langa. To plait mats, to weave. To weave
Tongan La/lava. Lava-lava. To fasten the beams of canoes, &c. with plait, made of the husk of the cocoa-nut. Bound, to wind round.
Tongan Lamoo To chew, to grind between the teeth
Tongan Langa To build, to make
Tongan Langa To make a pole used to break the ground for planting yams
Tongan Langi The sky; also the name of the burial place of Tooitonga during the time of burial, the ceremony itself also
Tongan Langi To sing, a body of singers
Tongan Lango The common house-fly
Tongan Lanoo To wash, to rince
Tongan Lata Tame, to be contented with one's situation
Tongan Lavéä Any wound, except from a warlike instrument
Tongan Lea Speech, voice, language, pronunciation
Tongan Lebo Leaves of the breadfruit tree, sewed together for the purpose of covering food in cooking, to keep in the steam
Tongan Lelle To run
Tongan Lelléa Adrift, driven to leeward