Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Pa Barren, as a woman that had ceased to bear children
Tahitian Pae To drift, go to leeward, as a boat, ship, &c.
Tahitian Paea A division set apart
Tahitian Pafata A cage, a box
Tahitian Pahoa To prepare the bark for the making of the native cloth
Tahitian Rau/paa An old withered leaf; the oldest leaves on a plant; the first, or lowest on the stem
Tahitian Paare Sickness at stomach, sea sickness
Tahitian Paiaa The roots, long and small of a tree or plant
Tahitian Paio To arrange, adjust a matter or affair
Tahitian Paoo The bark of the aute or china mulberry tree when in a state of preparation for being pasted together Problematic
Tahitian Paora To be dried up as land through want of rain; dry, hard by reason of drought
Tahitian Para Rotten vegetables
Tahitian Para Manure, dung, dirt; the white slime of a new born infant
Tahitian Para A species of root eaten in times of scarcity
Tahitian Para Come to a head, as an abscess
Tahitian Paraha The name of a broad flat fish
Tahitian Parai A species of yam
Tahitian Parare Broken, stammering (as speech)
Tahitian Pari/pari The spray breaking on the shore, or a canoe, &c.
Tahitian Pari To square or shape a piece of timber
Tahitian Paru The name of a fish
Tahitian Pana The name of an amusement of children; to search or feel for a thing by means of some instrument; to raise up a thing with a lever or bar; to more or turn over with a hand spike; to toss or kick a football Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Pani To close, or shut up a breach
Tahitian Panu To go adrift
Tahitian Pao To seize or snatch suddenly, as a dog does a piece of meat Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Papa A board, a seat
Tahitian Papa/a A series of facts or occurrences; a certain range or class of things, such as islands, countries &c.
Tahitian Papatua/honu The shell on the back of the turtle
Tahitian Papi To sprinkle or splash the water at each other, as boys sometimes do in bathing
Tahitian Paheru To scratch, as a hen; to dig and search for a thing; to make a thorough search
Tahitian Pâhi To splash the water that it may wet a person; a spray of the sea
Tahitian Pahoro A comb; to comb the head, to rake ground
Tahitian Patito A small fresh water fish
Tahitian Patô To propel, or shoot forward
Tahitian Patu A little wooden mallet
Tahitian Pe Decayed, rotten, worn out; ripe, applied to plantains and other fruit
Tahitian Pehâ A piece of anything, such as the half of a breadfruit
Tahitian Pea A stick laid crosswise; to be perplexed
Tahitian A/pere The reed thrown or darted in the game called aperea; the person that throws the reed; to play the game of apere
Tahitian Peru/peru To fold up in a good condition
Tahitian Pena To bring up the rear, or weak part of an army, when in danger
Tahitian Pena/pena To bring up, and shelter repeatedly, those that are behind in an army when retreating; also to cover and protect the helpless
Tahitian Pehau The fin of fish
Tahitian Pi/pi To sprinkle with water, or other liquid
Tahitian Pio Crooked or bent
Tahitian Pihi The name of a shell fish
Tahitian Pivai The smallest pig in a litter
Tahitian Pohutu To be fed to satiety; to be worked to weariness Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Poa A dent, or mark, in the surface of any thing; dented
Tahitian Poea The dirty scum of stagnant water Uncertain Semantic Connection