Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Ma/huta/huta To leap or frisk about
Tahitian Maa Cloven, divided, applied to many things
Tahitian Maeo/eo Insatiated desire; a constant longing after some kind of food
Tahitian Mahoi The essence, or soul of a god
Tahitian Maimai A call to pigs, fowls, &c.
Tahitian Mainaina To feel anger or displeasure; cutting, galling, causing pain, as by an insulting speech
Tahitian Maitu The name of one of the nights of the Tahitian moon or month
Tahitian Maau Blemish, injury, damage, hurt; injured, damaged, also vile, slandered by accusation
Tahitian Haa/maau Cause a blemish, mar; be bashful in asking
Tahitian Maenu/enu Disordered, confused, dishevelled as the human hair, or palmeto thatch; to be sick at the stomach, to be disordered in mind on account of something disagreeable
Tahitian Mao The name of a tree, the bark of which is used in dying native cloth. (Commersonia echinata) (Jsn).
Tahitian Mau/u Wet, damp
Tahitian Mauru To be shedding, or falling, as the hair
Tahitian Marae The sacred place formerly used for worship...; cleared of wood, weed, rubbish, as a garden, or the place of worship
Tahitian Marau The name of a small fish
Tahitian Mare The old word for cough...
Tahitian Marea The name of a fish of the parrot kind
Tahitian Marie Slowly, deliberately; to be silent.
Tahitian Maro/maroa Dilatory, slow, unapt
Tahitian Mama Open as the mouth
Tahitian Maiai The name of a timber tree Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Mamau The name of a certain plant or tree. (Cyathea medullaris) (Jsn).
Tahitian Mamo Race, lineage, progeny (obsolete in Tahiti, but retained in other dialects)
Tahitian Mamo The name of a very small fish
Tahitian Manava The belly, stomach, interior man
Tahitian Mania Calm, no wind stirring; serene, unruffled, applied to the mind
Tahitian Mano Thousand, or 10 rau counted singly; when counted by couples, 2,000
Tahitian Manufiri, manuhiri, manuhini A guest or visitor, one entertained
Tahitian Manuia To be prosperous or successful in some project; to obtain what a person sought, or wished for
Tahitian Manuà To be surly, uncivil, soon angry Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Mao To cease, applied to rain; to become fair, as a rainy day
Tahitian Maori Indigenous, not foreign; well then, let it be so; well, welcome; except, save that (Dvs).
Tahitian Mahara To recollect
Tahitian Mâta The edge of a tool
Tahitian Mataî Skilful, knowing; skilfulness, dexterity
Tahitian Matai/tai Look, examine, satisfy curiosity
Tahitian Mataara A vigilant, watchful eye
Tahitian Matarii The Pleiades; a year or season, reckoning by the appearance of Matarii or Pleiades
Tahitian Matapouri To be faint through hunger
Tahitian Mataatoa An eye looking aside Problematic
Tahitian Matira Part of a fishing rod
Tahitian Matira/hi To be longing for fish, &c.
Tahitian Matoru Thick, full-fleshed
Tahitian Mâui The name of a certain prophet, or wise man, mentioned in Tahitian traditions
Tahitian Mauri A ghost, or departed spirit
Tahitian Maunu Bare, without leaves, hair, feathers, &c.; to be peeled, made bare
Tahitian Mavae(vae) A fissure, crack, or split; to be split, or divided into parties; open, separated
Tahitian Mavete Open (as a door), unfolded (as a garment)
Tahitian Mee To shrink or be warped, as green timber; shrunk, warped, as timber by the sun
Tahitian Mere The name of a star (= huitarava, three noted stars of Orion). Orion's Belt (Jmr).