Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Ta The stalk of the banana that supports the fruit
Tahitian Taa To make the meshes of a net
Tahitian Taeae A brother, cousin, any near relation
Tahitian Taha A cocoanut bottle
Tahitian Tahaa Naked, without clothes or covering
Tahitian Tahiti The name of the largest island in the Georgian groupe...
Tahitian Tahua An artificer, a mechanic
Tahitian Taaroa The great god of the Polynesians in general, he was said to be the father of the gods, and creator of all things, yet was scarcely reckoned an object of worship
Tahitian Taiao The dawn or day-break
Tahitian Taii Hard, solid, of good age, as timber
Tahitian Taʔa To be single or separate, as unmarried persons
Tahitian Taini The lower part of the belly
Tahitian Tao A word, speech, or saying
Tahitian Taoi To turn aside a thing, as the head of canoe when steering Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Tau To invocate, to address in prayer
Tahitian Ta/tau To ask for, call out; to challenge
Tahitian Taratara To untie, disentangle
Tahitian Tara The corner or end of a house
Tahitian Toroire The name of a pod-bearing tree Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Tarava To lie horizontally, be across a thing; a streak or strip, a chasm in a rock; athwart, transverse Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Taravai Liquid, diluted with water, thin as paste; to be discouraged by fear, the heart become weak as water
Tahitian Tarehu To becloud, or cause an illusion of vision
Tahitian Tarereva Hollow of an overhanging rock Problematic
Tahitian Taro/taro A short prayer addressed to the gods; to be saying a short prayer to the gods; an introductory address to a god
Tahitian Tamâ To wash, cleanse, purify
Tahitian Tao A spear used in war; a stick carried on the shoulder, with a bundle on each end
Tahitian Tauupu The loins
Tahitian Tapairu A young woman that lives delicately; a young woman that is an attendant on a chief woman
Tahitian Tapâu A platted piece of cocoanut leaves used by the priests to direct their prayers, like the rosary of the Roman Catholics
Tahitian Tape A fragment, as of cloth; a piece less than a fathom in measuring
Tahitian Tapea A ring, buckle, any band or tying; to tie or bind, to keep, detain
Tahitian Tapoi To cover, hide, conceal; the cover of anything
Tahitian Tapu A restriction; the word is obsolete in Tahiti, though much used in some islands; sacred, devoted, but this sense is nearly obsolete in Tahitian, although retained in other dialects...
Tahitian Tapuahi A place where food is usually cooked
Tahitian Tapuae A footstep
Tahitian Tatau The marks or points on the human skin; to mark or point on the skin
Tahitian Tatua A girdle; a cartridge box; to gird the loins
Tahitian Ta/tau To count or number
Tahitian Tau A sunken rock under water
Tahitian Taua The old word for war
Tahitian Taura A pretended prophet, or some one inspired by some god or goddess
Tahitian Taurearea The young, healthy and vigorous of the people
Tahitian Taurua A double canoe
Tahitian Aumaha Sultry, close, warm Problematic
Tahitian Taumaha A portion of food offered to the gods, or spirits of the dead
Tahitian Taumamao To be out of reach, as fruit
Tahitian Taumata The Tahitian bonnet of cocoanut leaves; a hat or bonnet
Tahitian Taupe To bow down, applied to the head
Tahitian Tautapa A stick used by fishermen Problematic
Tahitian Avai The name of a large timber tree Problematic