Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Abu rima, apu/rima The hollow of the hand
Tahitian Abu, apu Wide or broad, as cloth
Tahitian Aria Shortly, presently, by and by
Tahitian Aro The front, face, presence of a person
Tahitian Anuanua, anuenue The rainbow
Tahitian Apu, abu To dart or fly at each other, as pigs or fishes; to fall upon each other, as dogs when eating....
Tahitian Autâ To sigh or groan through pain or grief
Tahitian Fa The stalk of some large leaves such as taro, plantain, and also the cocoanut
Tahitian Faaita To distort the lips and chin; to make grimaces by way of contempt, or to excite laughter
Tahitian Fa/i/ite To reconcile those who were at variance
Tahitian Haamou To consume, annihilate, extirpate. Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Fariu To turn to or from a thing or person
Tahitian Fanu Few, some
Tahitian Fano To sail
Tahitian Fao A nail or chisel
Tahitian Fao To make holes with a fao [nail or chisel]
Tahitian Fata An altar; a scaffold put up for any purpose; a piece of wood to hang baskets of food, &c.; to pile up fire wood, to set the fire in order in the native oven
Tahitian Fatu Lord, master, owner
Tahitian Mafera To take advantage of a person of the other sex when asleep
Tahitian Feo A species of coral that irritates the skin when touched
Tahitian Afi/fi A bundle of bread-fruit or cocoanuts tied together
Tahitian Hihi The whiskers of a cat, mouse or rat
Tahitian Firi To plait, as sinnet, human hair, &c.
Tahitian Hina Seed, posterity
Tahitian Hinaaro To love, desire, will; to choose; love, desire, affection, will, pleasure, choice
Tahitian Fiu Tired, glutted with food; wearied
Tahitian Hoe An oar or paddle, a helm of a ship; to row or paddle
Tahitian Ho/hori To go about begging or demanding as the arioi
Tahitian Hotu To bear fruit, as a tree; to kindle, as anger; to swell, applied to the sea
Tahitian Hua The testicles of animals
Tahitian Hua Very, very much, completely, fully
Tahitian I/ita To harden or be hardened; stifferened, as body or mind; obdurate; the tetanus or locked jaw
Tahitian Aupuru To treat with kindness and love; to feed or nourish
Tahitian Urii A dog; the pilot fish
Tahitian Ûrû To be inspired, as the pretended Tahitian prophets; to be under the influence of some uncommon feeling
Tahitian Apâ A mode of using the hands in a native dance
Tahitian Apo To catch a thing thrown to a person
Tahitian Auati A piece of wood used for friction
Tahitian Aufau atua The genealogy of the gods
Tahitian Ofaa Thicket, impenetrable brushwood; to nestle, or lie close in a nest, as a bird
Tahitian Orometua An instructor of any sort, either of religion, or of any art, or trade; an example, copy, or pattern
Tahitian Ori To dance
Tahitian Oni To climb a tree without the cord or line usually employed
Tahitian O/omo To put in, introduce, such as the hand into a bag
Tahitian Omoto A cocoanut in the last state before the ripe opaa
Tahitian Ono/ono To be urgent, pressing in desire; urgently, pressingly, vehemently; anxious, pressing
Tahitian Opiri A sluggish, inert, ill-grown person
Tahitian O/pi/piri To be bashful, ashamed, confounded; also to appear modest
Tahitian O/ovi A certain scrophulous disorder
Tahitian Umara Sweet potatoes