Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Vata An opening, space, or rent; to be separate, with a space between
Tahitian Unâ A cutaneous disorder Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Aufata To lay fire wood cross-wise
Tahitian Aupape A square bed of taro; a division in a taro ground Problematic
Tahitian Auta A needle used in thatching; the act of cutting the body of an enemy; the act of supercission (not circumcision, as it has been wrongly called)
Tahitian Oo To sound, as water near boiling; to cluck, as a hen; make noise, as a lizard; flatulency, or griping of the bowels
Tahitian Faahou Again, done over again
Tahitian Haavare To lie, deceive, impose; lie, deception, falsehood of any kind
Tahitian Haʔavâ A judge; to examine the ground of a charge; to pass a judicial sentence
Tahitian Faatia To agree to a thing; to justify; also to relate a story
Tahitian Faaore To annul laws or customs; to forgive, or do away the punishment of a crime
Tahitian A(ru)aru A new-born infant
Tahitian A/ati The name of a strong variety of native cloth made of the bark of the bread-fruit tree Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Aau The handle of a tool; the stalk of fruit
Tahitian Ae To ascend, climb, mount up; to touch the ground, as a boat or ship
Tahitian Ina The edge of a tool; sharp, keen
Tahitian Viri To lash up, to furl a sail; to roll some cloth round a corpse
Tahitian Aere A large or extensive bog that cannot be passed
Tahitian Aere/ere A bog encrusted with the plant mapua and vibrating from unsoundness when trod upon
Tahitian Aha/aha Rapidity, swiftness; to pursue, as a warrior his enemy
Tahitian E A sign of the vocative case, being generally placed both before and after the noun...
Tahitian Pe/pehi To bruise; but in some of the dialects to kill
Tahitian Faaaroha To cause pity or compassion; a keep-sake, a relic
Tahitian Faatu To place; to keep common things apart from those that are sacred
Tahitian Iho To descend, or come down from an eminence
Tahitian Ope To go and collect, bring all to one place
Tahitian Ope/ope Carcases, property and things of all descriptions, which in the rage of war had been thrown into the rivers, then carried to the sea and afterwards thrown on shore again
Tahitian Opi To shut or close up
Tahitian O/opi To shut, as the leaves of a book
Tahitian O/opi Close, niggardly, as to food &c.
Tahitian Mahiti To be drawn, pulled, opened, brought up; to be started, or mentioned as a subject brought to view, or hearing; to be soon angry
Tahitian Mahiti/hiti Apt to fly up (of canoe outrigger)
Tahitian Tari Stalk of fruit
Tahitian Viri The front rank of an army Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Riaria Shocked, disgusted; detestable, shocking
Tahitian Manee Moveable, portable; to be able to move or manage
Tahitian Tatai The covering or matting with which the ends of rafters in a Tahitian house are covered Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Tatâi To fasten a line along the rafters of a house; to draw a line
Tahitian Pehi To cast a stone or some other substance
Tahitian Pooia Dark as the sky
Tahitian Rere/atua The flying of a god, it was applied to a running meteor in the sky, and was thought to be a god coming down
Tahitian Hii To dandle, nurse, take a child in the arms
Tahitian Hii/moea To finish work
Tahitian Tafeta A spot or stain Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Ae To ascend, climb, mount; to touch the ground, as a boat or ship
Tahitian Tafaa Lazily, inertly
Tahitian Eore No, not, will not, shall not (future)
Tahitian Hei To entangle and catch fish in a net; to be in a state of entanglement, as fish in a net
Tahitian Heiva A dance, an assembly for dancing
Tahitian Iu To file or rasp; a rasp or file of any sort, formerly a piece of shark skin