Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Abuta. Aputa. To appear or be perceptible, as the sun through little openings in the clouds. To pierce through or enter, as light through small openings; to enter the mind, as perceptions of things.
Tahitian Adu. Atu. From, beside, more... [postverbal]
Tahitian Anapa To flash, as lightning or gunpowder
Tahitian Apa A fish-hook with two feathers fixed to it for catching some sorts of fish; to dart a reed so as to slide along the ground
Tahitian Aa A provocation, insult, jeer, taunt; to provoke, banter, insult; jocular, given to jest
Tahitian Oivi The body of man or beast; the body of a god...
Tahitian Toro/toro To creep
Tahitian Totoro To creep, or move slowly; to trace, by following a track, to trace a stalk or vine to the rest of the plant
Tahitian Utua A reward, compensation, wages; the payment either of merit or demerit, penalty or reward
Tahitian Tao/tao Great, extreme, applied to darkness (pouri taotao)
Tahitian Poro The heel, or elbow; the handle of a tool, such as a knife or chisel; the end of a ridge pole
Tahitian Taparuru Ungovernable anger or rage
Tahitian Tae(r)o Poisoned, as by fish; also drunk
Tahitian Iriti. ʔIriti (Lmt). To have spasms, or be convulsed. Avoir des spasmes (Lmt).
Tahitian Maoi To be bent under, as the leg or foot in falling suddenly
Tahitian (Ua puta) maiha (Pierced) through Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Putii To put the hair in tresses; hair tied in one or two bunches on the head
Tahitian Para/huhu To draw a thing between the thumb and finger, as the Tahitians do in emptying the intestines of pigs
Tahitian Utari To follow after a person
Tahitian Faaite To teach, make known, produce knowledge; teacher
Tahitian Orea The maiden plantain
Tahitian Orea/rea Yellowish, as the sea in some shallow places among coral rocks; also a word of obscene signification
Tahitian Nou/nou To covet, desire, lust after; desire, covetousness
Tahitian Tahu To use certain ceremonies of sorcery or conjuration; to act as a sorcerer
Tahitian Tahu/tahu A sorcerer, or conjuror
Tahitian Puapua The blossoms of sugar cane reeds, and of bamboos
Tahitian Aitaa A man of another district or country, who, by marriage, becomes an inheritor of land Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Fanaua What is brought forth; the young of any animal, man, beast, bird or fish; as also all insects
Tahitian Ea To be in health, to be enjoying health or liberty; healed, saved, escaped, delivered
Tahitian Areva The male, or the larger species of the *totara*, or hedge hog fish
Tahitian Fenuû To twist cords for net making
Tahitian Venu The threads that are woven into a mat Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Matamata A second or after crop of fruit
Tahitian Mahihi Aslant, obliquely Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Nau/mai To recite or rehearse something that it may be known Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian No Of, belonging to; about, concerning
Tahitian Oe Bell. Cloche (Lmt). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Oho The highest in growth among the mulberry plants; the first-fruit; the foremost warrior in an engagement
Tahitian Aute oho The man whose head is highest; second-born of a family
Tahitian Puhia To be blown away or driven, as by the wind
Tahitian Pu-aihere A cluster of small trees, shrubs or grass
Tahitian Pu The interior of the country
Tahitian Pupu A company, party or class. Equipe, groupe de personnes (Lmt).
Tahitian Rai The highest chief or king
Tahitian Rapa/rapa Square, as a part of a house
Tahitian Rufa(rufa) Worn out, of a garment or cloth
Tahitian Pou To descend from a high place
Tahitian Pou/anuana To dive head foremost into the water
Tahitian Tu/pou To bow the head and show the posteriors towards a person, by way of contempt
Tahitian Ha/ae The saliva from the mouth