Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Auru The top ends of small twigs or branches; the end, extremity, or point of a thing
Tahitian Aunati A piece of wood used for friction
Tahitian Aupàpà The flatness of the roof of a house, or of a tree that grows flat
Tahitian Auvaa A fleet of canoes going together; the young brood of the fish fai, or stingray; the wreck of a canoe or boat
Tahitian Ava The name of a plant...of which an intoxicating liquor is made; the juice or liquor made of the ava plant; also all kinds of spirituous and intoxicating liquors
Tahitian Ava/ava Sour, acrid, bitter, saltish
Tahitian Avapuhi An odoriferous plant, used for giving a pleasant scent to a native cloth called puhi ava
Tahitian Avau To scold, reprove; use ill language
Tahitian Ave/ave The long feelers of the fee or cuttle fish
Tahitian Aviri To twist cocoa-nut leaves to serve as a fishing net
Tahitian Aviti A fish-hook made of the pearl oyster shell
Tahitian Ea A disease of the mouth, aphtha or thrush
Tahitian ʔEeʔee Aisselle
Tahitian I To speak (obs.)
Tahitian Iri Skin, bark, peeling; leaves of the palmeto
Tahitian Iria Morose, sour, passionate, ill-natured
Tahitian Iriatai The surface of the sea, or the place where the sea and sky appear to meet...; horizon
Tahitian Inaina The water of child birth
Tahitian Iha/iha To be panting because of oppression by heat
Tahitian Iu A million...
Tahitian Iva/iva Dark, dismal
Tahitian Oata The monkey's eyes on a cocoanut; the mouth or neck of a gourd; also the meshes of a fishing net
Tahitian Ohore/hore Bare, as the eyebrows without hair, or a thing skinned
Tahitian Ohu A bundle of some food tied up, and baked in the native oven
Tahitian Ohu A cloud settled on top of the mountains
Tahitian Ohure The anus Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian O A spade, a stick used by the Tahitians to dig with
Tahitian Oiri A black spot in the heavens near the Crossiers; to be in fear or alarm because of approaching danger Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Oo To cluck, as a hen; make noise, as a lizard
Tahitian Ooma The human heart
Tahitian Ouru The name of a small tree that growds on the low islands
Tahitian Oreore The name of three different nights of the Tahitian moon, viz.; first oreore, middle oreore, and last oreore. Nights 6-8 of lunar cycle (Aud).
Tahitian Orero Language, speech, oration; to speak, to address, make an oration; an orator or public speaker
Tahitian Ori To shake
Tahitian Oro/feto To be choking; to be unable to eat or swallow on account of alarm; not eatable, as some kinds of food
Tahitian Oroi To turn, as the wind to another quarter; to alter the course, as a ship; to be out of perpendicular, as a wall, or a house
Tahitian Oromatua The skull of a dead relative preserved...the ghosts of the dead...
Tahitian Oroua Decrepit through age
Tahitian Oruhi A certain crab when out of the shell Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Omaoma Banter, deride, call ill-names; to make mouths in derision; vile, contemptuous, as speech
Tahitian O/ma/mao The name of a singing bird about the size of a sparrow
Tahitian Omene To double a stiff rope or break a stick Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Omene/mene To roll up or coil a rope; to make a thing of a roundish shape Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Omiri To fondle over a person; to handle
Tahitian Omo To introduce or put into, as food into a basket, property into a bag, &c.
Tahitian Omotu A burning coal
Tahitian Ona/ona Acrid, unpleasant
Tahitian Onei Here, at this place
Tahitian Onihi Withdraw from a person; slide, glide, wear away
Tahitian Onini The first forming of the fruit or berries of some trees, after the blossom falls