Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian O/ono To be pressing or urgent
Tahitian Opa A corner, as of a room
Tahitian Opana To turn out a stone with a handspike, or an iron bar; to poke or search for a thing with an instrument; to turn out a person from his possession; to rake out old grievances
Tahitian Opani A door, shutter, or cover; the close or conclusion of a subject; to shut a door or window, to cover or close a thing; to conclude a subject
Tahitian Opapa A fowl that has lost its tail
Tahitian Opea To lay things cross ways, such as fire-wood to dry; trellised, or put cross ways, as lattice work
Tahitian Opio/pio Rovingly, wanderingly
Tahitian Opiro/piro Offensive in smell
Tahitian Opura A good species of the Tahitian cultivated yam
Tahitian Opura/pura To be flashing obscurely as fire
Tahitian Opure Spotted, applied to a fowl
Tahitian Oputu The name of a bird
Tahitian Ohinu/hinu The name of a species of breadfruit Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Ohumu, ohimu Whisper, murmur, backbite, slander
Tahitian Otahi One; also only
Tahitian Otia A boundary, limit, or land mark
Tahitian Otore To embowel [sc. disembowel]
Tahitian Otua To lie on the back
Tahitian Outu A promontary [sic]
Tahitian Ovari/vari To be slack, as a rope that had been tight, or the belly after abstinence
Tahitian Uu To be damp, moist, or wet
Tahitian Ufene To be crammed, both cheeks being full; to press or squeeze; to wring, such as a washed garment, to press out the water; pinching, covetous, niggardly
Tahitian Ufene/fene To cram the mouth eagerly in eating; to show great greediness
Tahitian Ui A single woman who never had a child
Tahitian Ura Red feathers formerly sacred to the gods
Tahitian Umiumi The beard
Tahitian Unê/nê To be satiated; bloated out with fatness Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Ufa To belch Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian I To prepare bread fruit for the mahi [fermented food]
Tahitian Ihi The horse chestnut
Tahitian Ihe A dart or spear
Tahitian Ha/ia A human sacrifice; also the bodies of those slain in war
Tahitian Ie The mallet used for beating cloth
Tahitian Iri/haa, iri/hea Consternation on account of some disaster, such as the fall of a warrior; to be amazed, or in a consternation
Tahitian Iro A maggot, a worm
Tahitian Ipo A darling, one made much of
Tahitian Iho The essence or nature of a thing or person
Tahitian A day
Tahitian Rahi/rahi Small; unequal, thin and wide
Tahitian Rahi To arrange the bark for making the native cloth
Tahitian Rahirahia The temples
Tahitian Rahui/i A prohibition or restriction laid on hogs, fruit, &c. by the king, or chief
Tahitian Rahui To lay on such a rahui
Tahitian Rai/fa The name of a native song
Tahitian Râa Sacred, consecrated, devoted to a sacred purpose
Tahitian Rara To scorch over or on the fire
Tahitian Rara A branch
Tahitian Raoa To be choked with fish bones, food, etc.
Tahitian Râtâ The Tahitian chestnut tree and fruit
Tahitian Rato To drag or pull Uncertain Semantic Connection