Entries from Davletshin 2013 in Pollex-Online

Albert Davletshin, field notes

Language Item Description
Nuguria Seu, heu-a Destroy, demolish (a piece of sugar)
Nuguria H/haa (singular object), haa/haa (plural object) Break (cup), split (vt)
Nuguria H/hae (pass. haae/a) Tear paper
Nuguria H/hana (pass. hana/tia) Leave, go forth from (about a boat); remove, rip off, take away
Nuguria H/hati Break (a stick) (vt)
Nuguria S/sau, h/hau (singular object), sau/sau, hau/hau (plural object) Carry in arms
Nuguria H/hila Search for
Nuguria S(i)/sipa, h(i)/hipa A sea creature similar to jellyfish, but it doesn't stink [sc. sting?] (it has a sail and sails on the sea, blue and round, and it has its season) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nuguria H/hora Spread out; scattered over (e.g. bird eggs over the sand, there are a lot of eggs); stretch, extend, spread out (mats, material)
Nuguria H/hui Flower (of coconut tree)
Nuguria H/hura Swell up; swollen (vi)
Nuguria H/hure (pass. huure/a) Tear off, rip (fruits, bark of tree)
Nuguria H/huti, huti/huti Carry (a load), drag, haul; pull ashore (a canoe); fish, pulling the string
Nuguria Hia How much?
Nuguria Hiahia Happy
Nuguria Hiapo Material, textile, laplap
Nuguria Hii-naa A method of fishing (using lines and hooks); to fish with hook and line
Nuguria Hii/inu (Be) thirsty
Nuguria Hii/moe (pl. hii/mmoe) (Be) sleepy
Nuguria Hiko Grab, get
Nuguria Hiko Bird sp., kingfisher (Tok Pisin kukabara) Problematic
Nuguria Hilo Mix (things together); a dish made of swamp taro mixed with fish and coconut cream Phonologically Irregular
Nuguria Himu Triggerfish
Nuguria Himu/himu A kind of reef fish, smaller than simu
Nuguria Hina Grey hair; grey-haired
Nuguria Hipa Flying fish
Nuguria (H)hiri (sing. object), hiri/hiri (pl. object) Braid (hair, mats, baskets)
Nuguria Hiri, hili (pl. h/hiri) Ask for, request, ask (a favour)
Nuguria Hiri/atu Ask (inquire), ask (question)
Nuguria Hiti (pl. h/hiti) Cross (over), come over, go across, pass over; get lost
Nuguria Hiuru, (arch.) ihiuru Traditional hat; umbrella
Nuguria Hoe uru Rudder
Nuguria Hoki Again
Nuguria Hoko/tahi One (reporting); alone
Nuguria Somo, homo Grow (plants) (vi)
Nuguria Homo/homo Suck the fingers after eating (when food is good)
Nuguria Hoo A kind of small fish, used as bait
Nuguria Hoorona Spouse
Nuguria Hoou New
Nuguria Horau Navigate
Nuguria Horo Swallow
Nuguria Horo, holo Pull (canoe) ashore
Nuguria Hoto Barb of stingray
Nuguria Hotoariki, hatoariki Supreme chief (chief of a clan)
Nuguria Hotu Pierced, having a hole or opening
Nuguria Hua Bare, naked (adverb following verbs of posture or motion)
Nuguria Hua Word; language; true story, legend, myth Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nuguria Hua/hoe Kidney (of turtle)
Nuguria Huana Pumice (used to polish and sharpen things)
Nuguria Hue A kind of creeper with beans