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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Hohoʔa The appearance, form, features; a diagram, drawing; (mod) picture, likeness, photograph Borrowed
Ra'ivavae Hoi The wild yam (Dioscorea sp.)...
Ra'ivavae Hoi Interjection: The enemy have appeared/are coming! We are taken by surprise! (frly) Alas! Alack!
Ra'ivavae Ho(r)o/miri To caress, fondle with the hand
Ra'ivavae Honi To bite, gnaw
Ra'ivavae Hono To join, come together; to splice, join (as the end of broken bones); the vertical section of thatching...between two adjacent rafters...
Ra'ivavae Hohonu Deep
Ra'ivavae Hope To finish, terminate, conclude...
Ra'ivavae Hopu To bathe; (mod.) to dive (for)
Ra'ivavae Hora (Obs.) To extend, spread out
Ra'ivavae Ho/hora To lay, spread out (as a covering or mat); to lay down lengthwise (as a log)
Ra'ivavae Hora/ʔiia Spread far out...far-extending
Ra'ivavae Mahora To be spread or opened out, unfurled, unrolled; loose or undone, as hair
Ra'ivavae Tahora An open, uncultivated stretch of level land; a beach area
Ra'ivavae Hora A variety of shrub (Tephrosia piscatoria)...
Ra'ivavae Hoorau A canoe-shed
Ra'ivavae Hore To peel, strip off (as skin); bald, bare, stripped of the skin
Ra'ivavae Ho/hore To strip off outer bark
Ra'ivavae Mahore To be peeling or scaling off
Ra'ivavae Pahore Bald, bare, denuded; having the prepuce retracted...
Ra'ivavae Horo To run, move swiftly, dash; to run away, flee...
Ra'ivavae Horo To move in a continuous line or direction; to run, swarm (as a school of fish)...
Ra'ivavae Horo To swallow food
Ra'ivavae Horo/mauŋa A landslide
Ra'ivavae Horo/miri To rub or anoint with fragrant oils
Ra'ivavae Horo/miʔi To swallow, gulp down
Ra'ivavae Horoi To wash, wipe, dry off; towel, handkerchief
Ra'ivavae Horu To rear up, as a billow reaching shallow water; to rear up, be erect (of the phallus); to give out a loud, vibrating sound, as a shell trumpet Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Horu/horu Agitated, troubled (in mind)
Ra'ivavae Hota Cough
Ra'ivavae Hota A coral rock which rises above the level of lagoon waters
Ra'ivavae Hotu To bear fruit, fructify, produce; to heave, as the swell of the sea; to mount up, grow (as anger)...
Ra'ivavae Hotu The tip of the womb, which projects into the vaginal cavity
Ra'ivavae Hotu The fourteenth or fifteenth night of the lunar month...
Ra'ivavae Hou To drill, bore; a drill
Ra'ivavae Hou Sweat, perspiration
Ra'ivavae Hou Young, new, recent; a young child; again; newly, recently, before, prior to
Ra'ivavae Hoʔa A lashing-pin, used to bind down the ridge-comb Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Hoʔi Too, also; indeed, so it is, truly; as it happened
Ra'ivavae Hoʔo To exchange, barter; (mod.) to sell, buy (with atu,mai)...
Ra'ivavae Huu To eructate, break wind, fart
Ra'ivavae Hua The scrotum; (frly) private parts, genital organs (usually male)
Ra'ivavae Huu/huu Very watery (said of certain varieties of taro...)
Ra'ivavae Hua Exactly, just there, truly; surely, positively; only, merely, simply, just; singly, one alone
Ra'ivavae Huare Saliva
Ra'ivavae Huavare Spittle
Ra'ivavae Huaʔi To remove the cover of an earth oven; (frly) to reveal, disclose
Ra'ivavae Hue To fling about, throw into disorder or disarrangement
Ra'ivavae Hue The gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris)...a container made of a gourd
Ra'ivavae Pohue A climbing gourd-vine (Convolvulaceae sp.)...