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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Ao Light, as distinguished from darkness; daylight, open day...to become light, as at dawn; the upper world, world-of-light, the visible world; the universe
Ra'ivavae Eve Womb (of animals or men)
Ra'ivavae A Particle of personification, occurring before the names of persons, of personalized or of named objects...
Ra'ivavae A Particle of equation, denoting resemblance or similarity: like, after the manner of...
Ra'ivavae A Particle of possession: of
Ra'ivavae Aa Particle of specific location, used before locatives, as aa muri = te muri
Ra'ivavae Aŋi To be refreshing, assuaging passion
Ra'ivavae Aha Questive: to be/do what?
Ra'ivavae Ahi To brood over, protect with the wings, as a mother bird; hence to gather into the arms, shelter
Ra'ivavae Ahi (obs) The sandalwood tree
Ra'ivavae Ahiahi Evening; the period of time commencing about an hour before sunset and lasting for an hour afterwards
Ra'ivavae Aho Breath; the breath of life
Ra'ivavae Ahoo Fish line
Ra'ivavae Ahu Warm, feverish, hot (as the body)
Ra'ivavae Ahu Mound, heap, eminence; temple mound or platform
Ra'ivavae A/ahu Steam, vapor
Ra'ivavae Ai To copulate
Ra'ivavae Ai Particle of reference
Ra'ivavae A/ai To have, hold in one's mind, recall, keep in mind; to collect, preserve for communication or transference Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Aaiha Rubbish, debris, flotsam
Ra'ivavae Aitu God, demon, supernatural being; ogre, ogress
Ra'ivavae Ama The float of the canoe outrigger
Ra'ivavae A/amio To contract and expand gently; said of the vaginal muscles
Ra'ivavae A/amio/mio To move gently back and forth; as the strands of the cat's cradle in the figure called 'Utaami
Ra'ivavae Amo To carry on the shoulder; to lift and set upon the shoulder
Ra'ivavae Amu/amu To grumble; (?mod.) to reproach or abuse behind one's back
Ra'ivavae Anaʔe Only, without exception; (lit.) by himself (etc), hence singularly, alone; plurally, together
Ra'ivavae Anei Particle of interrogation
Ra'ivavae Ania/nia Dizzy; (freq.) unconsciously Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Ano To feel awe; desolate, lonely
Ra'ivavae Ano/ano Sacred, hallowed; very high, remote or deep
Ra'ivavae A/anu (obs.) Slime, semen
Ra'ivavae Anuanua The complete arch of the rainbow
Ra'ivavae Api A variety of fish
Ra'ivavae Api/i Confined, constricted; (?) crowded, dense
Ra'ivavae Apu To seize and hold in the mouth, as a fish holds bait
Ra'ivavae Apu/apu To dash hither and thither after bait
Ra'ivavae Ara To wake up, be awake; to be watchful on one's guard against untoward events
Ra'ivavae Ara A way, road, path, route; a travelled way; sea-ways; a line of objects
Ra'ivavae Arataʔi To lead, guide,conduct; a leader, guide
Ra'ivavae Aarai To ward off, keep or push back from, prevent the approach of; to screen off, interpose and obstruction...protect, shield; to mediate
Ra'ivavae Aramihi A variety of crab, very flat with reddish shell
Ra'ivavae Are To be open, as a flower, orifice; an orifice
Ra'ivavae Area An open space, interval
Ra'ivavae Arero The tongue
Ra'ivavae Arero/rero The clitoris
Ra'ivavae Ari To undermine, scoop, wash out underneath, as waves undermine the shore
Ra'ivavae Ari/ari Bare, exposed
Ra'ivavae Ari A variety of fish; it somewhat resembles a spineless hedgehog fish Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Ariŋa The head and neck of a fish