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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Ito/ito Brave, energetic, resolute, active, assiduous...
Ra'ivavae Iva Nine
Ra'ivavae Ivi Bone; thin, wasted by disease
Ra'ivavae Iʔa Fish (a general term); any creature inhabiting the sea-waters
Ra'ivavae Iʔa A defeated antagonist; (?) a sacrificial victim; (?) a prized possession
Ra'ivavae Iʔe A mallet or beater for making bark cloth
Ra'ivavae Iʔu To file, rasp, abrade, rub with an abrasive; a file, abrasive
Ra'ivavae Koi To be pointed
Ra'ivavae Hau Hibiscus bark cord
Ra'ivavae Horo/miri To rub or anoint with fragrant oils; to caress, fondle
Ra'ivavae Aahio A violent whirlwind
Ra'ivavae Hinu To twist fibres into cord for net-making Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Heŋu Warp (the threads which are extended lengthwise in the loom and crossed by the woof); a cord, the strand of a cord; a tendon Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Hinu A strand of cord or rope; the fibre of barkcloth or bast Phonologically Irregular