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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae ŋaŋie A variety of small tree, Pemphis acidulata
Ra'ivavae ŋahaa To split apart, split open...a crack, fissure
Ra'ivavae ŋaho/ŋahoa An ear-splitting noise; (frly) a headache
Ra'ivavae ŋa/horo To fall down, collapse
Ra'ivavae ŋahuru Ten
Ra'ivavae ŋaihere Growing bush or shrubs; (frly) sticks or branches broken and lying on the ground Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ŋaarahu Charcoal
Ra'ivavae ŋare To float on the surface; to flood over, overflow the surface of Problematic
Ra'ivavae ŋaa/rea/rea To have a gay, noisy time; a good time, enjoyable racket
Ra'ivavae ŋaro To vanish, disappear, be lost; (frly) to die; to be hidden, unnoticed, forgotten; secret
Ra'ivavae ŋaru A comber, breaking wave
Ra'ivavae ŋatae The coral-tree, Erythrina indica
Ra'ivavae ŋatete To jingle, rattle
Ra'ivavae ŋati To tie with a noosed rope, tie tightly; constrict, grip tightly; noose...
Ra'ivavae ŋau To chew
Ra'ivavae ŋaaʔau The bowels, entrails, vitals, viscera
Ra'ivavae ŋaʔi To occupy oneself with, apply oneself devotedly or intently to, strive for...; to fulfill, carry out Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae ŋaʔi To avenge, as an unprovoked asssassination or slaughter
Ra'ivavae ŋaʔo The fat of certain animals, birds, fish, crustacea
Ra'ivavae ŋere To be deprived; to be not, not to be; to sequestrate ceremonially (as young maidens of the hare-nunu); to take prisoner, imprison, shut into
Ra'ivavae ŋio Wrinkled, shriveled; contracted, as the mouth of an orifice; the anus
Ra'ivavae ŋohie Easy, facile, yielding; without difficulty; pleasant, agreeable; (frly) sure, infallible
Ra'ivavae ŋoio The noddy tern, Anous stolidus
Ra'ivavae ŋo/ŋoro To snore
Ra'ivavae ŋoro To make a gurgling sound Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ŋoru Soft, as the body; fat
Ra'ivavae ŋoru To swell, expand, become hard or tumid Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae ŋote To suck
Ra'ivavae ŋootu The cunnus (a vulgar form) Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae ŋuŋu/ŋuŋu Chronic rheumatism
Ra'ivavae ŋuru To groan, sigh; rumble; murmur, mutter, growl
Ra'ivavae ŋutu, nutu The lip; beak, bill; (frly) the tip of a spear
Ra'ivavae Haa To breathe; breath
Ra'ivavae Haa/haa Gasp, pant, breathe with difficulty
Ra'ivavae Haa Four
Ra'ivavae Haa Sacred
Ra'ivavae Haa The leaf of a monocotyledonous plant which has a sheath-formed base (e.g. taro, coconut); the sheathe-formed end of the petiole; (frly) a leaf-stalk, petiole...
Ra'ivavae Hae To be beside oneself with anger...to be in a towering passion; enraged, as a beast
Ra'ivavae Hae To be torn, lacerated, streaked
Ra'ivavae Haa/hae To tear, strip off, as leaves
Ra'ivavae Mahae Torn, lacerated
Ra'ivavae Piihae To tear, separate a leaf into strips by running the fingernail through it longitudinally; to split bamboo into strips; to split or strip off by means of anything sharp
Ra'ivavae Haere To go, proceed, walk; to go away; (M) here and there; everywhere
Ra'ivavae Haŋa To make, build; to create; (mod.) to prepare, get ready
Ra'ivavae Haaŋai To feed, nourish
Ra'ivavae Haŋamea The grouper, Epinephelus sp.
Ra'ivavae Haŋo, (mod.) hano To go, proceed; (Es) to penetrate deeply into Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Haŋo Having a nasal impediment; snuffling, obstructed (as the voice)...
Ra'ivavae Haahaa To feel, grope about
Ra'ivavae Haharua A variety of giant ray: the manta