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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Hahu To shave; plane (n,v)
Ra'ivavae Haiere A woman recovering from childbirth
Ra'ivavae Haairu To wipe off excrement
Ra'ivavae Haaita To make a grimace by twisting the jaw and drawing back the lips
Ra'ivavae Haito To measure, weigh...to equal, be equal to...
Ra'ivavae Haamama To open the mouth wide; yawn, gape, open wide
Ra'ivavae Hana To shine, glisten; (obs.) to be warm, hot
Ra'ivavae Mahana Warm; the sun; day, day-time
Ra'ivavae Hana To recoil, spring back straight, as a released bow; (frly) to shoot an arrow
Ra'ivavae Hanaa The yard of a sea-going ship
Ra'ivavae Haanau Bear a child, give birth; be born
Ra'ivavae Haanau Descendant(s)
Ra'ivavae Haanaauŋa (mod. haanauʔa) Young
Ra'ivavae Haanaʔo Long or yearn for
Ra'ivavae Hano To go, proceed (the implication is to go over water, by sail, to a considerable distance; to go overseas); (frly) to sail; to fly, as a spirit
Ra'ivavae Hao Encircle, surround; enclose, contain; draw a net around anything...
Ra'ivavae Hapa To be in the wrong
Ra'ivavae Hape Wrong, mistaken, badly performed; to diverge, wander from the path; to make a mistake
Ra'ivavae Hape Crooked, twisted (as of a foot)
Ra'ivavae Haapuʔu A variety of deep-sea fish of the Grouper species; ? the sea-bass
Ra'ivavae Hara To commit an offense; wrong, sinful; (mod.) an offense; (frly) a sin
Ra'ivavae Hara The pandanus tree...
Ra'ivavae Hara/ʔute The red pandanus flower
Ra'ivavae Harara Leaning over, off the perpendicular
Ra'ivavae Harara To come on to blow, spring up (of the wind)
Ra'ivavae Hare Building, dwelling, house...
Ra'ivavae Harero A variety of hard, branching coral...
Ra'ivavae Haariʔi To cover the hot stones of a native oven with a section of crushed banana-trunk; to cover or spread over with leaves or mats; to welcome, entertain as a guest
Ra'ivavae Haariu To turn, veer round (or partially round)
Ra'ivavae Haro To peek, peer
Ra'ivavae Haroo To tighten the final lashing of a canoe by taking three to four turns of the lashing around a small forked levering-stick, and pulling the lashing taut
Ra'ivavae Haaroa A variety of fish
Ra'ivavae Haru To seize, grasp vigorously or violently; to rape; to take by force
Ra'ivavae Haruru To thunder, rumble, resound...as thunder, pounding surf or a great drum
Ra'ivavae Hata The altare of a marae; a roost; to roost
Ra'ivavae Fata Loose, gaping open
Ra'ivavae Hati Break off, broken off; struck down; turned aside (as leader of a school of fish, into a net); dispersed, routed
Ra'ivavae Hatiiŋaarima The wrist
Ra'ivavae Hatu To interlace, interweave, twine...as sprigs of flowers or leaves...; to twist something around anything
Ra'ivavae Hatu A stone; the core of a boil
Ra'ivavae Hatu A lord, master; an owner, proprietor...; the guardian-god of a temple
Ra'ivavae Hau To tie, tie together
Ra'ivavae Hau A kind of highly ornamental head-dress having plumes and other ornaments and decorations
Ra'ivavae Hau The hibiscus tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
Ra'ivavae Haurua To tie two canoes together in such a fashion that the outriggers are on the outside; a double canoe, catamaran
Ra'ivavae Hau A government, administration, domain; peace...to be at peace
Ra'ivavae Hau Vital essence; the emanation of the self, psyche; warlike courage, valiance, intrepidity
Ra'ivavae Haauŋa Odor,scent, smell
Ra'ivavae Hau Dew; damp (as certain winds)
Ra'ivavae Hauhau Disgusting; slovenly, unattractive, homely; of low caste