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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Hava Slime; slimy
Ra'ivavae Havaʔe A variety of black sea urchin having short, thick blunt spines
Ra'ivavae Havaiʔi The name of the ancient homeland in the Netherworld
Ra'ivavae Haʔa To make violent physical motions...; to struggle, fight;...to dance; a war-dance...
Ra'ivavae Haʔa Low, not high; a variety of low plant or shrub
Ra'ivavae Haʔaea To cease, stop, desist; to pause; to remain
Ra'ivavae Haʔamaa To feel a sense of shame or humiliation; (int.) shame on you!
Ra'ivavae Haʔapaʔo Take care of, look out for; pay attention to...obey...act with care... Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Haʔari The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) and its fruit
Ra'ivavae Haʔarua The name of a light wind from the northwest
Ra'ivavae Haʔa/taha To wheel, soar (as a bird)
Ra'ivavae Haʔatee To blow the nose; to squeeze or press out fluid
Ra'ivavae Haʔatemu To cause oneself to draw back; (int.) Withdraw! retire! (the command used by a dance-leader to stop a formal dance-figure) Problematic
Ra'ivavae Haʔa/uta To transport (usually on a canoe or boat); to transport or carry a corpse
Ra'ivavae Haʔa/ʔoromaʔi To bear up under suffering, anguish or disaster; patient, enduring, long-suffering, brave under adversity
Ra'ivavae Haʔi To hurl a stone or missile; to loose, let go
Ra'ivavae Mahaʔi To fall, as ripe fruit; to collapse, crumble in ruins, as a mountain
Ra'ivavae ʔOohaʔi Stone, rock Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Haʔi To strip a leaf from a stalk or branch
Ra'ivavae Haaʔi Display, demonstrate, show; reveal, disclose; (mod.) confess
Ra'ivavae Haaʔiri/ʔiri To detest, abhor; detestable, abhorrent; slovenly, disorderly Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Haʔiʔa A variety of tree, the mountain- or rose-apple (Eugenia malaccensis)... Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Haʔu To expel, as smoke from the nose Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Haʔuraa Swordfish, black marlin
Ra'ivavae Hee Wrong, mistaken; to make a mistake; stray, go astray, miss or lose the way
Ra'ivavae Heŋu To blow sharply through the hose; to snort, as a pig or horse; to ejaculate semen
Ra'ivavae Hei To be encircled, caught, enmeshed (as in a net); hooked, as a fish; to encircle; to catch fish
Ra'ivavae Heiva A figure dance in which concentric circles of dancers move in opposite directions...
Ra'ivavae Heiva The delivery of a child; the labor of childbirth... Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Hemo To be out-distanced, overcome, surpassed (as in a contest or sport); to be vanquished, subdued, overcome
Ra'ivavae Henua Land, country; soil, earth
Ra'ivavae Henua (mod. puu-henua) The placenta
Ra'ivavae Heo A variety of coral rock; it is hard, slightly rough on the surface but close-garined and heavy, whitish or light gray in color...
Ra'ivavae Hera Twisted to one side (as the navel); wry (as an eye) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae Tuuhera To lie down on the back, spreading the legs apart, as in readiness for coitus (used principally in erotic chants and religious discourse)
Ra'ivavae Here Beloved, dear; to love with tenderness and deep affection, as a parent; sweetheart, loved one, darling
Ra'ivavae Here A slip-noose, running knot; to ensnare, surround; tie up, fasten with cords...
Ra'ivavae Heru To scratch up earth or surface rubbish from here and there
Ra'ivavae Paheru To poke about, rummage; to dash about catching up fish, as in a net...
Ra'ivavae Hetuu A star
Ra'ivavae Hetu/ave A comet
Ra'ivavae Heu To lift off, remove (as a cover of a native oven); (obs.) to turn over (as a page, edge of a mat)
Ra'ivavae Heva To weep, lament, wail;to mourn; to howl (of dogs); a dirge, death-chant
Ra'ivavae Heʔe To fall, descend; slip down, plunge
Ra'ivavae Heʔe To drip, seep, percolate; to evacuate, defecate; to purge; to ebb (of the tide)
Ra'ivavae Haʔaheʔe To slide down, as on a slope of dry grass or a wave; to cause oneself to slide down
Ra'ivavae Paheʔe To slip down, fall; to slide, as on anything slippery, or from a height
Ra'ivavae Heʔeheʔe Elephantiasis; the extreme stage of filariasis
Ra'ivavae Heʔiʔi To envy, begrudge, be jealous of
Ra'ivavae Hii To spurt, gush forth; the phallus