Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Arofi vae Sole of foot
Tikopia Arongo Zebra Surgeonfish (Acanthurus lineatus)
Tikopia Aropou Rite for the first pregnancy of a married woman
Tikopia Aarunga Head, in sense of upper part
Tikopia Ama Turmeric pigment, ritually applied
Tikopia Ami Eggs of crab
Tikopia Aamo To smear on
Tikopia Amo Carry on the shoulder
Tikopia Amutia Exclamation of dismay, envy etc.: oh, alas!
Tikopia Ana Cave, rock shelter
Tikopia Nanafi/ Yesterday
Tikopia Ane Termite
Tikopia Anu Spittle, saliva
Tikopia Aanu To spit
Tikopia Ao/ao Collect, as by brushing up
Tikopia Ao Cloud generally, but especially cumulus
Tikopia Aoa Banyan tree (Ficus sp.)
Tikopia Apa Raise person in arms or on lap as a sign of great respect or for protection from danger or defilement
Tikopia Aapai Raise person in arms or on lap -- as a sign of great respect or for protection from danger or defilement
Tikopia Apo Raise hand (gen.); raise hand in threat, or to strike down
Tikopia Apogipogi Tomorrow
Tikopia Asi Tree sp
Tikopia A/asi/ Taste; test; inspection to see if taboo is being observed
Tikopia A/asi/nga Ritual gift of pandanus mat and bark cloth at birth of babe...
Tikopia Aso Day, as time span
Tikopia Asongaa (Pipturus sp., Boehemeria sp.)
Tikopia Asu To scoop out; to bail a canoe
Tikopia Ata Dawn, before fully light
Tikopia Ata Shadow, reflection, representation of person or spirit
Tikopia Aataa White, as plumage of a bird Problematic
Tikopia Atamai Mind, thought, idea, meaning
Tikopia Ate Liver of man and other creatures
Tikopia Aatea Away, out
Tikopia Ati Suppose, allege, hold, think, affirm; call, term, name
Tikopia Ati Heap up, pile up, accumulate
Tikopia Ato Enlarge, advance, with particular reference to thatching a house
Tikopia Atu Away from speaker
Tikopia Atu Skipjack Tuna and other spp.
Tikopia Atu Stick as missile
Tikopia Aatu Throw stick, knife or other long object (not stone etc.)
Tikopia Atua Supernatural being or object; spirit; ghost; goblin; god
Tikopia Ature Silver scad (Selar crumenophthalmus)
Tikopia Au I (poetic form)
Tikopia Au Come, enter
Tikopia Au Spume on surface of sea, a result of high waves
Tikopia Auee Expression of sorrow
Tikopia Aunga Peel, of skin
Tikopia Aukau Pus; discharge from nostrils
Tikopia Au mai Bring
Tikopia Ausiafi Smoke