Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Katoko Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster)
Tikopia Ungaru Driftwood; floating log, occ. used for small canoe or firewood Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Uuaaroto Esoteric name for centre post supporting ridgepole in major temples
Tikopia Urukao Type of shark (unid.)...
Tikopia Koko Flour, trad. of sago starch, turmeric
Tikopia Ake Come up; move upwards; climb
Tikopia Masuee/i Disturbed [exx. actually "be disturbed (of earth)"]
Tikopia Fainga Doing, deed, practice; technical term indicating transfer of food and/or valuables, used in title of ceremonial or ritual proceedings
Tikopia Fakatuu Set up, stand up; set, in sense of fit (vt); set up in sense of produce
Tikopia Aa Affirmative, yes; so then Problematic
Tikopia Ngari/ngari Polynesian Rat (Rattus exulans)
Tikopia Maseke(seke) Desire, covet
Tikopia Kauariki Tree (Terminalia catappa)....
Tikopia Kaufata Open frame of wood used to support filter cloth in turmeric manufacture...
Tikopia Kautaa Beating stick for sounding board...
Tikopia Fanonga Company; traditional food gift from household of groom to bride's parents soon after marriage ceremony
Tikopia Ngongo Snort
Tikopia A Of (esp. in "activity" category)
Tikopia O Of (in "passive" sense of intimate possession)
Tikopia Fakavare Behave stupidly; unfocus, relax, dissociate; go crazy
Tikopia E Particle of address, suffixed or immediately following name or title
Tikopia Fakaarofa Evoking sympathy, affection; in many contexts, given concrete connotation, e.g., of poverty; commoner, person not of chiefly class
Tikopia Faka/sengi Glare
Tikopia Fesiri Ask, inquire
Tikopia Ifo Come down, descend
Tikopia Tere Move quickly, speed
Tikopia Taurekareka Handsome, of man or woman; fine, splendid, beautiful
Tikopia Mau raro Low, lower, short; inferior
Tikopia Mafiti Appear
Tikopia Taumuri Stern of vessel
Tikopia Tino Take body of, give body to
Tikopia Mioi Twist; wring hands, as twisting hibiscus fibre pad with overhand movement to express coconut cream from grated coconut
Tikopia Puupuu A container (formerly of leaf, barkcloth or fibre, now usually a tin); money box
Tikopia Kore Speak; scold, criticise, rebuke Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Supee Mucus from the nose
Tikopia Kakenga Something to climb on, e.g. ladder of forked tree limb with rungs of twisted vine or short branches
Tikopia Kano/kano Be unaccustomed to (a particular food); hesitate in selection, turn over in one's mind
Tikopia Pili Put on top, lie on, come to rest on Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Rere Traditional concept of entry into trance state; spirit held to "run" into medium, and so become manifest among men
Tikopia Rii Type of coconut with sweet chewable husk
Tikopia Sano Call to mind, remember
Tikopia Siki Lift up; hold in arms; catch in hands
Tikopia Siki Finish, complete (applied to plaiting, netting, etc.)
Tikopia Siki Fishing club; shark club
Tikopia Tafeta Bag or small basket, of closely plaited leaf material and string handle, for stowing small objects
Tikopia Tua- Ordinalising prefix
Tikopia Ena Definitive demonstrative, pl. of Tena. Those, but commonly used with singular enquiry or demonstration
Tikopia Enei Demonstrative definitive, pl. of Tenei, these here
Tikopia Kano Collective body, totality
Tikopia Ku/ou I