Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Kai/na Eaten
Tikopia Fakaoti Completely, wholly, all etc.
Tikopia Fakaoti Completion
Tikopia Fakaoti End, finish, complete
Tikopia Suku(suku) Tail, end
Tikopia Fakatoo Descend, come down, sink; come to an end
Tikopia Fakatoo/too Go down, set (of sun)
Tikopia Apo/taki Have a mind to
Tikopia Firifiri mata Eyelash Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Fakatonu Set right, correct, make straight
Tikopia Fakatonu Confirm, agree with, believe in
Tikopia Fakatupu Cause to grow
Tikopia Fakatupu Create
Tikopia Fakakai Sharpen
Tikopia Tuutanga Section of somthing cut
Tikopia Tuuraga Cut-mark
Tikopia Moto/moto Freshly mature [ex. coconut]; virgin (girl or boy)
Tikopia Araara Talk, discuss, yarn
Tikopia Amonga Shoulder load (n)
Tikopia Ara matua Main path
Tikopia Vao matua Mature fallow plot
Tikopia Manu Name of large constellation containing Rigel, Betelgeuse and prob. Canopus...
Tikopia Manu Kite, manu raurau "leafy creature"...made of sago leaves...
Tikopia Fakamanga Open wide, gape
Tikopia Otaota Sediment, from infusion of trad. kava, mod. tea, etc. Trad. term in ritual context for temple rubbish
Tikopia Katoanga Assembly, whole body
Tikopia Fe/poi/kaki Stand in doubt, hesitate
Tikopia Fau Light fishing line
Tikopia Fakasiku/anga "Tail-end" (of kava ritual)
Tikopia Soro Rub, wash by rubbing
Tikopia Uti Soft flesh of gastropod, in whorls at rear of body; usu. not eaten...
Tikopia Tano Grave
Tikopia Vao/vao/a Covered in weeds
Tikopia Ngngau Weak
Tikopia Roto tonu Right in the middle, the centre
Tikopia Taa Beat rhythm for dance, on sounding-board or other platform; rhythm of song or dance...
Tikopia Tuaa To be anxious Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Tuee Tough [of fish]
Tikopia Taufa Strong wind; gale
Tikopia Niu mata Green [coconut] with firm but breakable shell, soft inner flesh, plucked and husked for drinking and eating
Tikopia Niu moto Young nut, not husked but cut open or hole driven inside for drink
Tikopia Niu motomoto Fully grown nut, hard shell, husked, hard flesh rasped for cooking Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Matatiri Stage of maturity of coconut: late, dry, a year or more old (with short sprout, a few cm. long)
Tikopia Fakapoipoi Shy; ashamed
Tikopia Varea Without order, wildly, foolishly, wrongly; crazy, mad (.e. mentally disturbed)
Tikopia Mauku Receding, going down, ebbing
Tikopia Fotuua Fish sp. of reef and open sea (small sea perch or snapper?)
Tikopia Re/i Particle definitive, following verb or adjective, giving emphasis or sense of completion Problematic
Tikopia Uri Shoot or sucker of plant
Tikopia Kaku Speak gutturally, or with an impediment Uncertain Semantic Connection