Entries from Jackson 2001 in Pollex-Online

Jackson, G. W. (2001). Tuvaluan dictionary: Tuvaluan-English, English-Tuvaluan. Suva, Fiji. Geoff & Jenny Jackson.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Aga/aga mafai Hammerhead Shark
Tuvalu Alogo Fish sp. (Acanthurus pyroferus, Ctenochaetus striatus)
Tuvalu Apu (in a game of rummy) To gather one's cards from the table...
Tuvalu Ave To take, to give something, to deliver
Tuvalu F/falo Stretch (rope)
Tuvalu Foki Again; also Problematic
Tuvalu Uli Shoot of a plant
Tuvalu Kaipea (Niutao) Land crab sp.
Tuvalu Faka/maoni Loyal, honest, trustworthy, reliable, faithful, to prove, establish proof or credibility, verify honesty, loyalty, integrity (I).
Tuvalu Moto Green, unripe
Tuvalu Muko/muko Drinking (green) coconut in early stages of development
Tuvalu Saale To walk
Tuvalu S/siu To be wet
Tuvalu Hoka To poke, to push fingers into an object; to husk coconuts
Tuvalu Soko, hoko Resemble, take after, look like
Tuvalu S/soko To be full (of liquids)
Tuvalu Suaavale Saliva
Tuvalu Tua Back (of a person, animal, object)
Tuvalu T/tule To push, shove
Tuvalu Vvela Hot, burning hot, heat
Tuvalu Vivitai Bird sp. related to the tuli (plover). Wandering tattler (Besnier)
Tuvalu Fakailo/a To make known, reveal, warn, inform, notify
Tuvalu Fakailoga To mark as different, mark for identification; mark, sign, identification
Tuvalu Iloga An identifying mark; to be known, identified
Tuvalu Fiakai To hunger, to be hungry
Tuvalu P/pale To turn, steer
Tuvalu Foulua Boat, cargo ship
Tuvalu Tafola To be spread out, lying around, scattered about
Tuvalu Mataavai Floodgates, springs (Bib.)
Tuvalu Savane, havane Type of fish: moonlighter
Tuvalu Mataele Type of fish: Flag-tailed Sea Bass
Tuvalu Pula Type of fish
Tuvalu Umelei (Naso lituratus)
Tuvalu Iai To exist, to be present, there is, there are
Tuvalu Tua Behind, at back of; outside
Tuvalu Tua Overseas
Tuvalu Masino To be put into order, proper place; to indicate, differentiate Phonologically Irregular
Tuvalu Loofi/a To be flooded, covered with water
Tuvalu Lolo Flood (n)
Tuvalu Loo/lolo (Of neap tide) to be high
Tuvalu Fakatele Sail (v)
Tuvalu Faaoa Canoe crew
Tuvalu Oo To surround, enclose; pen, coop, enclosure Problematic
Tuvalu P/peke To dip food into fluid, spread, drink
Tuvalu K/kini To beat a drum, or a child; to hit a ball; stick used to administer punishment
Tuvalu Tausi Keep, care for, look after; obey (keep) a law
Tuvalu Makuku To be injured, sprained (of back)
Tuvalu Taitai/a To be covered with salt water, to smell of salt water, salty
Tuvalu A/asa Move quickly, wade, go through bush
Tuvalu Aasaga Shallow passage. Sandbank (Bsr).