Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Ali/ali Visible
Samoan A/ali/ Appear
Samoan Aliʔi Chief
Samoan Alili Mollusc (Turbo sp.)
Samoan Atilo Dead tissue, dried pus in boil etc.
Samoan Alo Belly (of fish or chief)
Samoan Alo Paddle, row
Samoan Alofa Love, pity, compassion
Samoan Ta/alofa Form of general greeting
Samoan Alofivae Sole of foot
Samoan Mau/aluga/ High
Samoan ʔAluga Pillow, cushion
Samoan Sama Turmeric powder mixed with oil and used as a remedy for scabies ; to colour the skin with turmeric
Samoan Amanaʔi Stockpile (food, etc.)
Samoan Ami Crab roe and other crustacean roe; penis
Samoan Aamio/mio Go about
Samoan Aamio Conduct, behaviour; habits, ways Problematic
Samoan Amo Separate inner fibres of a coconut midrib from the outer fibres
Samoan Amo Yoke stick resting on a man's shoulder
Samoan ʔAmu/amu Mock
Samoan ʔA/ʔamu Mock, ridicule
Samoan ʔAmu/sia Be mocked, made fun of
Samoan ʔAmuʔia Lucky, fortunate (of people)
Samoan Ana Cave
Samoan Ana/mua Formerly, in those days
Samoan Ana/muaa In days of old, in ancient times
Samoan Ana/taeao This morning (referring to the past)
Samoan Anafea When (past)
Samoan Ananafi Yesterday
Samoan Anapoo Last night
Samoan Ane The white ant (Termes)
Samoan Anu Spit
Samoan Anufe Caterpillar. Worms, including intestinal worms (McP).
Samoan Ao Collect, gather
Samoan Ao Cloud
Samoan Ao Head (chiefly); title of importance throughout Samoa (Mnr); to have peace (Prt)
Samoan Ao Excellent, perfect, as a house, boat etc.
Samoan Ao It is essential to, one must
Samoan A/aoa/ Banyan tree
Samoan Aoga/a Use, value
Samoan Apele To be full
Samoan Api Lodge, lodged, lodging-house
Samoan Apo/apo Poise the spear
Samoan Asa, aasa Wade through, as water or long grass
Samoan Asi Visit
Samoan Aso Day (Date)
Samoan Sogaa A shrub (Pipturus sp.), used for cordage
Samoan Asu Ladle, dip, scoop out
Samoan Asu Smoke
Samoan Ata/ao First light