Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Faʔailoga A sign, a mark; to mark, to distinguish
Samoan Pale/pale To hold up
Samoan Palepale A shelf made of sticks
Samoan Paaletua A stick for the steersman to lean against
Samoan ʔEʔega Anything used to help a swimmer, as a lifebelt; a number of snakes all coiled together
Samoan Pute The navel Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Mataavai A spring, a fountain
Samoan Loo/loo To be wet, as the clothes
Samoan Pati To clap hands; to smite the hands together, a sign of grief on receiving bad news; also in wonder and joy
Samoan Saaʔee A naked dance
Samoan Leai No, not. Be lacking, absent; be none (Mnr).
Samoan Pau To be as far as, to reach to, to be bounded by
Samoan Mafasi Cracked (skin)
Samoan Faaulua/lua To bind two together, as two canoes &c.
Samoan Tamaaloa Man (a term of familiarity)
Samoan Faagono Tale intermingled with song; (interjection) applied to a boaster Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Tagi Make a characteristic noise
Samoan Faoa/ʔaʔai Village, or portion of a town
Samoan O To penetrate, as a spear into the body; to go deep down, as a stick stuck into the ground, and meeting with no obstacle
Samoan Poi A game on mud flats
Samoan Pe/peʔe Crippled by warts on the soles of the feet
Samoan Segi Wild, shy, not tame
Samoan Tausi Take care of, nurse; observe, keep as a command. Wife of an orator or tulafale (McP).
Samoan Mea To do, to prepare
Samoan Pogaiisu The nostrils
Samoan Faʔa/saga Face towards, attend to, set to, get on with
Samoan Tuulaʔi Rise up, stand up
Samoan Gaa/gaʔe Eastward, a little towards the east
Samoan Misi/alofa Click tongue as a sign of pity or sympathy
Samoan Muʔa/muʔa (of trees, young person) Green, immature
Samoan Afu/a A feast made when the wife becomes pregnant
Samoan Magamaga/alima The divisions between the fingers
Samoan Magamaga/ava The divisions between the toes
Samoan Talatala Prickly, rough
Samoan Tupu Units in counting above tens and hundreds
Samoan Palolo/mua The name of a month, June-July
Atiu Palolo/muli The name of a month, July-August
Samoan Mulifaa The name of a month, August-September
Samoan Taapuni To shut
Samoan Maalooloo To rest; to be recovered from sickness, to be well
Samoan Maili(ili) To commence to blow, to spring up as a breeze
Samoan Mataasusu A teat. Nipple (McP).
Samoan Guu/guu To be dumb
Samoan See/muu The dragon-fly
Samoan ʔAilao The act of fencing with, or flourishing, a club; to brandish the club
Samoan Aputi The husk; the sheath or covering of the young leaf (stipule)
Samoan Faʔafua To rise, as a groundswell, or a wave, but not to break
Samoan Toʔo A stand in which is placed the perch of a pigeon
Samoan Tata To jerk off, to pluck with violence
Samoan Tauama The name of a rope in a sailing canoe