Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Vaaʔili Search for, look for Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Vala/vala To be wide apart
Samoan Vala/lua Part in two
Samoan Aga/vale/ Left
Samoan Va/vale/ Slimy, glutinous, viscous; mucus, slime
Samoan Vale Idiot
Samoan Vali Cosmetics, to paint, to plaster
Samoan Va/valo Predict, prophesy, foretell
Samoan Valo/valo Chirp, twitter (of birds, children)
Samoan Aloalo Several trees and shrubs including a (Premna sp.)
Samoan Valu Eight
Samoan Valu Scrape v
Samoan Vana Edible sea-urchin
Samoan Vaagana Deliver a speech
Samoan Vao Forest
Samoan Vasa Open sea (Mnr), the ocean, especially of the space between two distant points... (Prt)
Samoan Vase To rule lines
Samoan Vata Verbum obscenissimum
Samoan Vaatia A kind of dish made by mixing coconut cream with arrowroot
Samoan Vatuʔe Large, edible sea-egg, (Heterocentrotus sp.)
Samoan Vavao, vao-sia Prevent, restrain
Samoan Vave Quick
Samoan Veʔa Banded Rail (Rallus sp.)
Samoan Ma/veʔu Disarranged, disordered, of hair, clothes
Samoan Vela Cooked, well cooked; to burn (as a house) (chiefly)
Samoan Vele Weed with fingers
Samoan Esi Papaw (Ldn)
Samoan Veli A fish that stings on being touched
Samoan Veli To have the flesh creep as from disgust
Samoan Velo Throw, hurl (spear etc.) at someone or something
Samoan Veta To peel off, as the skin of an infant Problematic
Samoan Vete Split, smash open
Samoan Ve/vete/ Open up a bundle of food wrapped in leaves
Samoan Vete A fish (Mulloidichthys sp.)
Samoan Vale Worthless; unproductive (of land); needless; inactive
Samoan Vevela (of sun, fire, etc.) Hot
Samoan Vii/vii Stink greatly
Samoan Vii A tree with edible fruit (Spondias dulcis)
Samoan Viʔi-a To praise
Samoan Vili Bore
Samoan Vi/vili Writhe
Samoan Vili To desire earnestly
Samoan Faʔaiʔu The ending
Samoan ʔApaʔau Wing
Samoan Tutuna The name of a shrub Problematic
Samoan Unuoi Tree sp. (Myrtacea)
Samoan ʔAvaʔava/aitu, ʔavaʔava/tua Species of pepper (Piper insectifugum, latifolium, puberulum)
Samoan Manaui The name of a tree
Samoan Ii Feel empty, of stomach
Samoan Ui/a Go along, tread upon, go by way of, follow a road to