Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Pui/pui Door, partition
Samoan Puiaʔi A place sheltered from the wind
Samoan Faʔaoti To kill one already dying
Samoan Faʔatoo To give over, as land sold or given; to curse Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Faʔasusu To suckle, give the breast to
Samoan Tuli An outside corner, as of a box, house &c.; any joint or bend
Samoan La/lala Pudend. muliebr. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Tafili To fly a pigeon; to go about on many errands Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Fulufulumata The eyebrow
Samoan Puʔu/puʔu Short
Samoan Faʔatonu Put right
Samoan Faʔatonu Direct, instruct
Samoan Faʔatupu To cause to grow
Samoan Faʔatupu Cause, originate (quarrel etc.)
Samoan Faʔatupu Raise a post by filling the hole underneath it with earth
Samoan Faʔatupu Change into
Samoan ʔAi/fanua A tenant, a person cultivating another person's land
Samoan Faʔamata To sharpen
Samoan Mao- Prefix used with locative bases to indicate "further in the direction of"
Samoan Tulaga Platform, stage
Samoan Tutaga The place to cut off a part of a tree
Samoan Tuuta To beach a boat
Samoan Sua To rise, of the tide
Samoan Sau A present of cooked food
Samoan Ogo (pass. ogotia) Scorching, of the sun; painful, of a disease; cutting, of words; severe, as a fine
Samoan Ala/faga A morning angling
Samoan Ala/fia To be hurt by joining in another’s quarrel, or through one’s own fault Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Moʔo/moʔo The name of a disease. Class of illness (McP). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Muli The rump (euph. for ufa). Posterior, bottom (of man) (vulg.) (Mnr). Buttocks (McP).
Samoan Musu Sullenness
Samoan Tale Cough (n,v)
Samoan Tona/tona/a/feʔe One kind of wart. Kind of pimple or wart on a limb swollen by elephantiasis.
Samoan Tulilima Elbow
Samoan Amoga A burden; the name of the stars which form the belt of Orion
Samoan Vao matua Dense, thick forest
Samoan Oloamanu. O-loa-manu. The name of a Samoan month: May-June. A star and month name (Jmr).
Samoan Fetuulele A shooting star, a meteor
Samoan Mataliliki To be finely plaited, as a mat or hat; to have small meshes, as a net
Samoan Palolo/muli The name of a month: Juiy-August
Samoan Taulu/alofi, Taulua/tuafanua Names of stars
Samoan Pouli To be darkened, dim
Samoan Otaota Rubbish; filth, ordure
Samoan Otai A native dish of food.
Samoan Meʔe/meʔe To rejoice Problematic
Samoan Anaga A joke, a jest
Samoan ʔAnomate, ʔanogase The lean part of flesh
Samoan Atoaga Property given on occasion of a death; property given to one who saves another in war; property given to redeem the life of a prisoner of war Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Tipi To give a back handed blow; to play "duck and drake"
Samoan Faiumu To make or cook a baking of food; a cook
Samoan Futa/mea Fat to excess (of pigeons and jocularly of men)