Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Lole To rub smooth, as breadfruit in making taufolo; to rub, as a fallen adversary in the dirt; to be beaten, as a canoe in racing
Samoan Maaisi To be split, cracked; orificium vaginae
Samoan Malona To be filled out, swelled out (as a basket) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Maona To subside, as a wave; to be appeased, of anger
Samoan Savala To long for, to desire to eat particular articles, such as fish, masi, &c.
Samoan Matosi Shredded; scratched, marked with scratches
Samoan Mauʔoloa, mauʔoa A rich man, one who has plenty of property; to be wealthy
Samoan Faagatua To wrestle
Samoan Taute To eat (only used to the highest chiefs) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Toʔiia To be struck, as by a falling tree, lightning (the natives think by thunder), or any calamity
Samoan Faʔatuatua To hope for something promised; to trust, to rely on
Samoan Tua To trust in the protection of
Samoan Ula-fia To blow with the mouth; to smoke tobacco; to blow, as a trumpet
Samoan Faga/faga The hair over the temples
Samoan Solofa To disperse, dissipate; to resolve, as a swelling; to fall down (of a house only)
Samoan Laga/ʔi To excite, as to fight or dance
Samoan Laauga A speech, a sermon
Samoan Lote-a To handle, to pull about
Samoan Lutu A rattle to attract sharks; to rattle the lutu
Samoan Lotu, ?lutu To make a hollow sound in the water with the hand
Samoan Maaluu Refreshing (e.g. of rain), sweet (of disposition); soothing, comforting
Samoan Maanoa Thread, string
Samoan Nuti To crush in the hand, to break in pieces
Samoan Pago To forbid things being given away in hopes of getting them for oneself; to make trading difficult by suggestions made to the trader by a third party; to interfere with trade so as to injure
Samoan Paago/taa Offender, transgressor, criminal
Samoan Piʔo Wrong, in a moral sense
Samoan Piʔo/i To be perverse
Samoan Polo A bamboo knife; to cut up or carve a fish or a pig Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Tau To count
Samoan Tau To pluck fruit with the hand
Samoan Tau To buy, to barter; something for sale; price
Samoan Maulu To creep under, creep through; to swim under water
Samoan Tumu A hollow place in a tree where water lodges
Samoan Uai A chief's spear or walking-stick
Samoan Ulaula/atu A stinging mollusc
Samoan Ulaula/fiti A small sea shrimp
Samoan Asa The fin of the bonito (Thynnus)
Samoan Vanu A valley, a ravine, a chasm
Samoan Fai/fesi/a To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Fai/fesia To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Feiloaʔi To see one another
Samoan Faʔa/tefua Widower; single man
Samoan Faʔaolo/olo To ask sideways by hints
Samoan Faʔapulupulu To wrap oneself up
Samoan Leaga Bad; common (of men)
Samoan Uga Rotten, of teeth
Samoan Ugauga Partially grey, of hair; small [ex. house] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Faʔaʔumiʔumi/noa To lose interest in everything through grief; to be melancholy
Samoan Maalie Interjection "well done" to show approval of dancers; well, agreeable
Samoan Alofilima The palm of the hand