Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Laauga A speech, a sermon
Samoan Lote-a To handle, to pull about
Samoan Lutu A rattle to attract sharks; to rattle the lutu
Samoan Lotu, ?lutu To make a hollow sound in the water with the hand
Samoan Maaluu Refreshing (e.g. of rain), sweet (of disposition); soothing, comforting
Samoan Maanoa Thread, string
Samoan Na This, that, these, those. It always brings the accent of the preceding word onto the ultima, and causes a lengthening of the vowel.
Samoan La There; a particle of emphasis much used in the eastern part of the group: then, at once
Samoan Nuti To crush in the hand, to break in pieces
Samoan Pago To forbid things being given away in hopes of getting them for oneself; to make trading difficult by suggestions made to the trader by a third party; to interfere with trade so as to injure
Samoan Paago/taa Offender, transgressor, criminal
Samoan Piʔo Wrong, in a moral sense
Samoan Piʔo/i To be perverse
Samoan Polo A bamboo knife; to cut up or carve a fish or a pig Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Pupua, popua A blowhole in the cliffs, through which the waves send a fountain of spray
Samoan Tau To count
Samoan Tau To pluck fruit with the hand
Samoan Tau To buy, to barter; something for sale; price
Samoan Maulu To creep under, creep through; to swim under water
Samoan Tumu A hollow place in a tree where water lodges
Samoan Uai A chief's spear or walking-stick
Samoan Ulaula/atu A stinging mollusc
Samoan Ulaula/fiti A small sea shrimp
Samoan Asa The fin of the bonito (Thynnus)
Samoan Vanu A valley, a ravine, a chasm
Samoan Fai/fesia To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Fai/fesi/a To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Feiloaʔi To see one another
Samoan Faʔa/tefua Widower; single man
Samoan Faʔaolo/olo To ask sideways by hints
Samoan Faʔapulupulu To wrap oneself up
Samoan Leaga Bad; common (of men)
Samoan Uga Rotten, of teeth
Samoan Ugauga Partially grey, of hair; small [ex. house] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Faʔaʔumiʔumi/noa To lose interest in everything through grief; to be melancholy
Samoan Si/sina To drop down (of liquids)
Samoan Maalie Interjection "well done" to show approval of dancers; well, agreeable
Samoan Alofilima The palm of the hand
Samoan Alofi The circle of chiefs; to sit in a circle, sitting round a house
Samoan Moʔo The name of a fish
Samoan Moʔo/tai The name of a fish, and in some places also of a sea snake (Pelamis bicolor). Name given to fishes belonging to genera Coris and Malacanthus (Mnr).
Samoan Maloaa To be a great talker; to get no bonito; to be free from visitors Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Mata/tupa Blunt Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Foemuli A steering paddle; to steer
Samoan Maagamaga Branched, forked
Samoan Mataaua A drop of rain
Samoan Ga/gaʔe/e Eastward, at some distance, as at the next village
Samoan Ga/gaifo Westward, a little toward the west
Samoan Leva Long, of time; to be long since
Samoan Misi/alofa Click tongue as a sign of pity or sympathy