Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Laafu/lafu Dingy, dusky, as the body for want of oiling
Samoan Lafu/lafu (adv. lafulafu/aa) Barren, unproductive, exhausted (of land)
Samoan ʔEle/ʔele Blood (chiefly); euphemism for the menses
Samoan Vili The name of a game hazard; applied to lots
Samoan Uli Sprouts from the taro
Samoan Ula Term of respect to a woman Problematic
Samoan Maua Get, obtain, acquire
Samoan Vaia To be wet. Watery (Mnr).
Samoan Aavaa Wife
Samoan Ava The wife of a common man
Samoan Faʔaite/ite A prodigy, as a monster with three legs
Samoan Fiamoe To be sleepy
Samoan Mate To die away, of wind
Samoan Ea To return home, as war captives. Free, release (from bondage, famine etc.) (Mnr).
Samoan ʔAiga/mea A part of some food, as part of a joint of meat; a contemptuous term for a diseased person
Samoan ʔAiga The act of eating; a meal (a foreign application of the word). Meal, feast (Mnr).
Samoan ʔElo Reddish-brown (regarded as a mark of beauty in those whose skins are thus)
Samoan Fenuu Make a join in plaiting etc.
Samoan Matamuli Shamefaced Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Oe To say, yes Problematic
Samoan Ofo To be astonished, to wonder; to salute on meeting; to shout before a fight; the first speech made on presenting food to visitors
Samoan Puou One kind of breadfruit
Samoan Puoso The part of a canoe under the half-deck
Samoan Lagi Customs observed on the death of a chief
Samoan Lagi To call out the different portions of food at a feast, and for whom intended
Samoan Lagi/i The head of a chief
Samoan Lapa A flat kind of coral; a flat slab at the root of a large tree, acting as a buttress to the trunk
Samoan Lima/tusi The forefinger
Samoan Loma To be quiet, to cease, to intermit (as the wind, war, etc); to desist, in the tattooing process; to wait to see who would have the first cup of *'ava*
Samoan Lufa A large black siapo Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Taaʔele To open a dead body to search for the disease, so that by taking out the diseased part and burning it, the disease itself may be destroyed, and not enter another of the family
Samoan Maatofi To be quartered, as the moon in the last quarter
Samoan Laʔau Wood, timber; firewood (Tutuila); a club; a small axe
Samoan Laʔau/taa A stick for striking the sea to drive fishes into a net
Samoan Feau To send for Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Faifeʔau To go on a message; a missionary, a pastor
Samoan Taiʔa To fish for *palolo*, *lo*, *pala'ia* and *inaga*.
Samoan Saualiʔi A god. The respectful term for an *aitu*. (po.) Ghost, spirit (Mnr). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Fiainu Thirst; to thirst
Samoan Tausoa A burden carried on a stick by two; to carry a burden between two persons
Samoan Tautasi To be one, alone, as the egg of a pigeon or an only child
Samoan Maaliga/liga The temples
Samoan Alu To go
Samoan Aleale Young coconut in which the kernel is just beginning to form
Samoan Auamo To carry a dead chief about on a bier Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Laumanu/ina To have praise or blame shouted after one Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Lauʔava Food eaten on the burial of a chief
Samoan Velo Afterdeck of a bonito-canoe
Samoan Tuʔu/tuʔu ifo To let down
Samoan Tuʔu To cut down