Entries from Williams 1971 in Pollex-Online

Williams, H. W. (1971). A Dictionary of the Maori Language. Wellington, Government Printer.

Language Item Description
New Zealand Maori Kia (To mark the relation between the subject and some future time or event): when, until...
New Zealand Maori E Particle used before the interrogative *hia* and the cardinal numbers from two to nine, in a statement regarding the number of articles
New Zealand Maori Kiringutu Discuss continuously with sinister meaning Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori Makaka Crooked, bent; curly, of hair
New Zealand Maori Maakaka A rite to make a human body *tapu*, to prevent it being eaten Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori Maatenga Head Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori Teka Cross-pieces lashed onto a pole to make a rough ladder; projecting foot piece on a *ko* [digging stick] by which it was forced into the ground
New Zealand Maori Nehu Fine powder, dust
New Zealand Maori Aro(w)aa Be comprehended, be understood Problematic
New Zealand Maori Rangi Chief (generally in the form of respectful address: E rangi).
New Zealand Maori Whaka/ehu Appear dimly