Entries from Capell 1962 in Pollex-Online

Capell, A. (1962). The Polynesian Language of Mae (Emwae), New Hebrides. Auckland, Linguistic Society of New Zealand.

Language Item Description
Emae Tee/pipi, to/pipi Vine sp. with very large black seeds Uncertain Semantic Connection
Emae Pisi Splash
Emae Bito Navel Phonologically Irregular
Emae Poo Night
Emae Bogibogi Tomorrow Phonologically Irregular
Emae Pookia Catch with cupped hand
Emae Po/poko/ Hollow
Emae Pora Plaited panel of green coconut fronds
Emae Poroaki/na Say goodbye to v.t.
Emae Poro/poroaki Say goodbye v.i.
Emae Pono/ponotia Mend
Emae Po/pono/ Lid, cap (on bottle)
Emae Popo Rotten wood
Emae Pauri Dark
Emae Puu Conch shell
Emae Puaka Pig
Emae Puga Coral
Emae Puka (Gyrocarpus americanus) (Clk)
Emae Puka pipiri A tree (Pisonia umbellifera) (Clk)
Emae Puulau Vulva (old word) Problematic
Emae Pure Small cowrie
Emae Puurourou Very leafy (of tree) Problematic
Emae Pulu Coconut husk
Emae Puupuu Rinse one's mouth
Emae Pusi/a Spew, blow out, spit out
Emae Pusi Parasitic worm
Emae Saa Come out, emerge, appear
Emae Saa/ti Bad Problematic
Emae Saa/ia To tear, make a hole in
Emae Saere Walk, walk about
Emae Saafure Strip off leaves, twigs
Emae Safure/a Strip off leaves and twigs
Emae Saga Work, activity
Emae Saakiri Look for
Emae Sara/a Miss
Emae Salato Nettle tree Phonologically Irregular
Emae Saaro Scrape pandanus leaves for making mats
Emae Kai/samu/ Eat meat only
Emae Sao/fia Drive, herd (fish or animals)
Emae Sapa Malformed (limb), slightly crooked
Emae Sapai/a Carry in one's arms
Emae Saaputu A snapper (Lethrinus lentjan)
Emae Sau/ririki Breeze
Emae Sauga Smell (v.i.), have a smell
Emae Sausau Angry
Emae Sausaurere Rascasse (Pterois lunulata)
Emae Saavaki Sea-urchin sp.
Emae See Flower
Emae See Grasshopper (?) (Clk)
Emae See Not